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1028_Life at Dell_Germany 2017_1080p

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I like working at Dell because Dell really enables me to grow and thrive. It's a big melting pot of cultures. It's flexible and open minded. And, my team especially, we are highly, highly motivated. I heard Dell is opening a site in my hometown. As Dell is well known, I was curious how it would be to work for a worldwide company. My background is engineering, but I was always interested in sales. When I finished my studies, I attended a new hire program, really focusing on sales where you learn the business. After a while, Dell offered me the opportunity to start as a partner development manager, and this was really amazing for me. Now, today, I'm running. I'm managing the Inside Sales team in Germany, and basically I'm back to the roots. This is my DNA. And after a couple of years, Dell was offering such a career path for me, and that's what I really like about this company. The most interesting thing, in my opinion, is to work closely with others, collaboration and cooperation with other teams, and challenging the employees to give their best. Dell supports everyone's career growth with a dedicated growth and development plan. In the beginning, our manager told us how are career path can look like, what positions we can have in the future, so I actually know which way I can go. Besides that, we also have special trainings, technical coaches, or sales coaches. So, you always have the possibility to learn and create yourself. And somebody is standing behind you and motivating you in this way. I always have the freedom to choose whatever I need. It's a very honest and open communication with my management all the time. I'm receiving very, very often, and regularly, feedback from my management to improve my skills themselves. I think Dell does a great job in encouraging their employees to be innovative, to come up with new ideas So they are very open for new ideas and new projects. It's all about passion. If you are passionate about technology, such as IT in particular, Dell is the place to be. There is a great spirit because everyone is really thriving to achieve that goal, that common goal, that we all have together, and it makes Dell a great place to work.

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1028_Life at Dell_Germany 2017_1080p

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