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ArcelorMittal - Brand Champion

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[♪ progressive music ♪] Transforming the World's Skyline Transforming quality of life We set out for tomorrow, always a big ambition, but it is one that we feel confident we can deliver. ArcelorMittal [audience clapping] We've got a fantastic organization. We've got a clear strategy and an amazing brand that can really carry us through. The brand launch was the easy part. Now what we have to do is bring this brand to life globally. ArcelorMittal Our brand champions Ian Louden, Brand Consultant, Futurebrand>While having a nice looking logo is important,and being consistent with it, its the idea behind what it symbolizes that's most important. Anthony Old, Global Identity Manager>The strongest way to roll any consistent brand out or indeed any consistent message is with a really good and strong team. Nicola Davidson, VP Communication>Following that central launch in Cannes, I know there's been a series of local brand launches which have been taking place around the world and all of you had the opportunity to present yesterday on what you're doing. We issued a flash newsletter introducing the new brand with a letter from the manager of each factory. All the brochures were translated into English. The same message was displayed on the internet. We have gifts, we even have soccer football outfits for our Chinese soccer team. We explain the branding project into more detail. Brand champions are absolutely vital because they are our disciples within the company. A good deal of our success at the moment is due to the enthusiasm of the brand champions actually to date. They really wanted to get it right and really soaked up all the knowledge that we've given them and they've responded fantastically to the workshops, which means we've had the opportunity to be able to evangelize to our brand champions how to do things and to say, look, we are here as a helping hand. The brand really has to act as a symbol for reminding everyone all over the world how the company want to behave, how the company wants to act, what it's values are, what it's approach is, what it's behavior is. Some of you have CEOs or managers back home who say,"Why are you going to London for two days of branding, I need you here. It's not important. Its important that the CEOs also understand how important the brand is, just as much as the brand champions. The other thing throughout the meetings is to try to create much more of a community between these brand champions so that they are as likely to call each other to ask knew questions and to say I've got this problem, you must have had the same problem, how did you solve it? There are these major areas to be looked after. You've got things like literature, stationary, work wear, signs, the consolidation of signs, indeed making sure the signs we are delivering is of a consistent nature. The small cards here, they can be used and ordered, and its up to the University to order another stock. I went into the clearing of our culture, the perfection of our logo, they take a lot of time, this is something you must take a point from me. For me, now, I am looking for the people that, in terms of language, can translate the values in order that its effective. We're basically an online help desk all the time. We're kind of available almost like a SWAT team to jump on a plane, get out there and we're not there to just slap people down and say, "No, no no." We're actually there to listen. When I see the logo the 1st time, I say beautiful. I recognize two colors. One is red and one is yellow. If you combine both, you have energy to transform. In the future when people see this thing, we want them almost spontaneously to think of things like leadership, sustainability, quality, transforming tomorrow, and the idea of being bold. That's the thought we want people to have. This is a very exciting time and moment, and what we are trying to do is actually build and sustain a strong ground to live on for years to come. Transforming economies

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Posted by: zad on Sep 9, 2008

Brand Champion

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