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This tutorial will show you how to find the full text of a specific article First, locate the journal title and year in your citation. The title is Journal of Engineering Education. Published in 2011. Go to the libraries' homepage and click on the down arrow next to catalog to view the drop down menu. Then click on journals. Enter Journal of Engineering Education in the search box then hit enter or return on your keyboard to search. Locate your journal title from the available options, you may need to verify that your journal has full text available. Click on the title to continue. The Find It results page displays the options for viewing full text online. Confirm that your journal volume is included by looking at the years of coverage. Note, the most recent year of publication may not be available. Click on "Get Full Text Online" to access your journal. This is a page for the Journal of Engineering Education. You may locate your article by either browsing for your journal issue. Or by searching within this publication, which is what I will demonstrate. Search for your article by entering the article title into the second search box. Select title from the drop down menu then click search. The entry for your article should be here. Click on PDF Full Text to save a copy of your article. This is the PDF of your article. Click on the icon in the grey bar to save a copy. If there is not full text access to your journal, return to the Find It results page to look for a print version Or click on "Request a Copy" to have an electronic version provided to you. Remember, use the journals drop down to find your journal. Click on Get Full Text Online to access. Request a copy or look for a print version if full text is unavailable.

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