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ParaNorman (2012)

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[repeating groans] [boy groaning] [beep] (narrator) Meet Norman. (father) Can't you be like other kids your age? (narrator) His parents don't get him... (father) He's probably up there fiddling with his Ouija, or his orb. (mother) Harry. ...his sister doesn't like him... You are such a loser. ...the kids at school... (boy) Look! It's Abnorman! ...always pick on him. But he does have some friends... (boy) Norman! Wait up! (Norman) I like to be alone. (boy) So do I! Let's do it together.'s just that most of them.... (voice) Good morning. ...aren't exactly alive. (Norman) How's it hangin'? (voice) Haven't heard that one before. Do you see ghosts, like all the time? [bark] Who's a good boy? (Norman) Ah - that's not his chin. [laughs] [rattling] Oh! Oh. Couldn't you use another stall? (ghost) Time is running out! The witch's ghost is going to wake up tonight. And when she does, she'll raise the dead. [moaning and growling] You've gotta use your gift of talking to the dead, to stop it. (Norman) This is crazy! Do I look crazy to you? Ahhh... [maniacal laugh] You, uh, might want to give that a few minutes. [flush] (narrator) Now, to save his town.... [scream] ...he'll need a little help... Oh yeah! I got your..ow! This is getting completely out of - [scream] (girl) Is he dead, or what? [growl] [scream] ...and a whole lot of guts... (Norman) Is everyone alright? Nobody got bitten? I bit my tongue - does that count? (narrator) This summer, you don't become a hero... (father) Norman! (boy) Norman? (girl) This is so - Norman! being normal. [quiet moaning] (ghost woman) There's nothing wrong with being scared, Norman - as long as you don't let it change who you are. ♪ [paranormal piano music] Ah! You wanna play some hockey? [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jul 15, 2012

CC Trailer for ParaNorman

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