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Module 3 - Finding The Parenting Manual Within Class 1 - Being Your Own Best Ally And Then Your Child's "Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world." — Misha Collins One of the things that I realized about myself is that I was so harsh with my kids. It was really harsh on them every time they either, you know, didn't do what they need to do and they weren't kind to each other or the weren't fair. And I really realized that the reason why I'm so harsh on them is because really deep inside myself I'm really harsh on myself. Every time I make a mistake or I'm not doing the right thing, or I'm not being kind enough or fair enough or just not doing enough. I really give myself on the head internally. And I think it's a great indication if you should find yourself being harsh on your kids and really picky on everything, how they do and how they need to do better most probably you do that to yourself first. So it's so important to look at the kind of communication we have with ourselves. What kind of conversation do I have inside my head? How much do I pick myself up, lift myself up versus putting myself down? How much forgiveness do I have towards myself when I do something not perfect? So, there is this... Our kids and our interaction with our kids can teach us a lot about ourselves and how will we with ourselves. So, being harsh on our with kids is not just because it's our kids is because we somehow have this either pursuit of perfection or we think that we need to do everything 100% right or it's not good enough, and being in that place of looking just for perfection and being upset when we are not perfect is really damaging obviously for ourselves and very much of our kids. We have to come to peace with the fact that we are never going to be perfect and anything in this universe is not perfect and the way for us to get better and being a better place is actually through self love and encouragement and validation and be our best friend. So if I learn how to be my own best friend and my own ally then I can also be that for my children. So when I find myself so critical and harsh on my kids, the way to stay away from that and heal that and change that is first do it within myself. Finding the critical self, my own critical self talk and let go of that, heal that and then it's going to be like I wouldn't see my kids actions in the same light, I wouldn't see that imperfection being so terrible. "IAM... two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality." — Unknown

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