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Teach you Design of: Laziness as Drug

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Upd- Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Laziness - The Design of Laziness This is the design, of 'laziness'..the design of 'procrastination'. announce 'me', or introduce 'me'. To communicate with the consequential outflows, if you accept and allow yourself to 'procrastinate' So if you are, believing yourself to be a 'lazy', person, in this world Know- that you have, accepted and allowed to influence the experience, the expression of you, as the moment, of every breathe as 'Here' Through accepting and allowing yourself to procrastinate. If you have not watched the procrastination, video interview, I'd suggest you watch, 'this one first', before you watch myself, as the design of laziness. To get the entire perspective. of what really happens when you have accepted and allowed yourself to procrastinate. In, moments of the experience of you within this world. 'Laziness' is, a drug, of the mind. a 'literal drug' - of the mind, see what happen is, the following: interesting. As have been explained in the 'procrastination', video interview, when you procrastinate.. you 'exist' within a moment, as the moment of the 'past', 'connecting' you to the now of the unified consciousness field. Actually existing in the past, instead of 'Here' as the breathe of the moment, Cleared, stable constant, 'Here'. Now, when procrastination becomes a 'habbit', you constantly continuously 'alwasy procrastinate'. What happens within 'the development of you as Procrastination' is that, 'a relationship formation', is designed within and as your mind. Alright? as, 'a habit'. Now 'this habit' infuses into your human physical body. Which 'designs', the 'feeling of laziness' Did you know? that laziness, is 'a feeling'? (smile) Coming from the source, construct design, habit 'and behavior', as procrastination. Therefore I said, that laziness is a drug of the mind. The consequential outflow of, procrastination. Thus, human beings who are 'lazy'.. When you are, having a moment (smile) When you are experiencing a moment, as you. A being walks into your moment and says: (hesitate) Go fetch me your, report card from your room please Usually you would sit in front of the television, and say: Nah, I'll do that later. I Don't Feel Like standing up right now Who many- how many human beings have said those words? I don't feel like doing it right now! Nah, I'll do it later. Akr kind of later I don't want to do it now Those 'are the words' of the drug of the mind, as a manifestation of the being as laziness. So human beings..before you even want to speak those words, you say: Stop! and I know it's going be difficult in the beginning but You Will Yourself Up Form That Chair! and you stand up! and you say: Yes, Ok and you stand up, and you go Get that 'report card' and you Walk Through! that resistance, that drug of the mind, as the addiction as it's become you, and you go get that report card. and then you 'sit back', and it is done! and then you continue as the moment that is you. Understand, if something is even asked of you in the moment and you become irritated, angry etc- also an effectual side effects of laziness Which comes from, the source point as procrastination. So lazy human beings, of this world 'I know you can Do it'! Will yourself in moments, to stand up! and get that moment sorted out and directed as you. To 'transcend', the drug of the mind 'as laziness'..which is not who you are. Human beings, take self-discipline self-responsibility for yourself, in every moment! and direct what is needed to be directed, until it is Done! Because then it is done! What does that mean- of you in an application, of self-discipline, self-movement and self-direction in every moment? That you know, that you will walk this process as you 'of stopping the mind', until it is done! Because you are, dedicated, you are committed, you are disciplined Yes. Interesting. Alright, So. Human beings, who are lazy.. understand laziness is a drug, of the mind, it is, 'an addiction' of the mind. lethargic..placement, of non-activeness, 'non-living'. When you are lazy, you are 'so lost' in the 'now', of the unified consciousness field 'stuck' somewhere in the past. and you're not 'Here', as the breathe, in the 'moment'. So if you are 'lazy', know: Uh oh! I have accepted and allowed myself to procrastinate, Again! Which, is now, manifesting as an experience of myself 'as lazy'. So I have to stop, immediately. What have I not done, sorted out 'immediately - instantaneously' Walk through the 'resistance', of that..(disgust) I don't really feel like doing it right now, I don't really- You have to move through it! with absolute force and will as you! To not accept and allow the mind to distract you. Laziness is in just another form, of what the mind, 'uses' to suppress human being's 'expression of themselves'. as the moment. Thank you very much. this is the design of, 'laziness'. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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