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Did you know that one out of three Brazilians is already connected to the Internet? Nothing less than 70 million people. And the numbers keep increasing. Research shows that in 2008 alone, 12 million PCs were sold. Do you understand me? 12 million. This is exactly the entire population of the Tokyo megalopolis. Brazilians spend, on average, 23 hours and 12 minutes per month online. Curiously, this is the exact travel time of our flight back from Tokyo to São Paulo. 79% of these Brazilians have joined social networks. And Brazilians spend, on average, 6 hours per month clubbing. Can you believe that they spend 20 minutes more on social networks? All of this happens in a context where social networks aggregate more than 55 million users. Only not to pass unnoticed, I will repeat: social networks aggregate more than 55 million users. If Orkut were a Brazilian State, it would have the highest population in the country. Better still, it would have a much higher population than the whole of Argentina. In parallel to Orkut, Facebook's audience in Brazil has increased by 40% from May to June 2009. Numbers that don't stop growing. Each year 492.750 hours of content are published on YouTube. If compared with Free-to-air channels, the Rede Globo in the same period has produced only 4.500 hours of content. And Brazilians are already the second largest audience on YouTube. 36% of our Internet users upload videos and photos daily. And in this race for audience on the web. Brazil is the fourth country in the world with most blog readers. 2.500.000 Brazilians update their blogs daily. A volume of content infinitely greater than the 123 authors who have their books published every day in the country. Yeah, social networks have grown. A lot. Twitter, for instance, has grown... by 100%? Nah... 200%? Ah, don't know... by 1000%, right... ok. Twitter has grown 1382% 1382% Yeah Note: This only in 2008. And São Paulo is the fourth city in the world with most twitter users. A young and qualified audience. Research indicates that 52% of social network users have interacted with brands in these environments. And that 80% of people trust product recommendations from their friends. Unquestionable proof of the power of social networks. And now... will you add me?

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Duration: 3 minutes and 1 second
Country: Brazil
Genre: Animated
Producer: AgênciaClick
Director: Steve ePonto
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Posted by: aviatorone on Mar 25, 2011

Research done by AgênciaClick showing a complete profile of the use of Social Networking in Brazil

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