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Suffering is self created. Sadhguru

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_ _ _ _ Who's saying this? naturally suffering human beings have to celebrate their suffering isn't it? what else do they have? Buddha did not say life is suffering he's trying to tell you there's a way to live beyond suffering, isn't it? he's telling, right now most people are existing in such a way that life is suffering the very reason why he's teaching you something is to tell you that there's another way to live, isn't it? isn't it so? Scott Peck, we don't know what kind of miserable human being he was see we need to understand this people are coming to conclusions by looking at certain limitations for example you know the psychiatry and other things people like Freud they have come to many conclusions about humanity which are utterly nonsensical it is just that because they studied only sick people they never got to study a Buddha, isn't it? they studied only mentally sick people with that they are making conclusions about whole humanity it's not so now, if you can create suffering you can also create something else, isn't it? do you see who you are, whatever you may think you are right now your personality, your identifications, all these things are fine but fundamentally if you're really alert and listening to me you cannot sit here as a man or a woman, you can only sit here as a certain life energy, isn't it?...yes? if you are aware I'm a man, I'm a woman that means you're not here totally yesterday you were playing a game when you're really playing if you're conscious about you being a man or a woman can you play the game when you were really playing, all those things fell off, isn't it?.. Yes? who you are, your identifications, your qualifications, your nonsense just in a game, did it fall off for a few moments at least a simple game, throwing the ball at somebody do you see your big identities just fall off so easily...if you don't pay attention to it they fall off if you get focused on something else they fall off so people are trying to experience this in many ways playing a game, jumping off a mountain, singing a song dancing, doing this, falling in love with somebody these are all different ways that people are trying to get involved in something to such a point that they can forget all the other nonsense that they have created...yes? but none of these things can you sustain for twenty four hours of the day now we are exploring a technology where you don't have to do anything and still be that way because if a certain state of being is related to a certain activity nobody can maintain that activity twenty four hours of the day..isn't it? any kind of activity whether it is playing or singing or dancing or music or love or meditation you cannot manage it for twenty four hours of the's not possible not practical...isn't it? so that means if you can create something for one moment so you're able to create a certain sense of freedom from suffering for one moment if you create one moment, can't you create one more moment can't you create one more one more and one more and one more that's the way you create your life fortunately moments don't come at you in bunches, they're coming only one at a time, isn't it? are they coming in bunches only one at a time if you know how to make this moment blissful you can live blissfully, isn't it? now suffering please look at it and see, people are capable of suffering just about anything is it so? people are suffering their wellbeing people are suffering their illnes people are suffering loneliness, people are suffering togetherness is it so? people are suffering poverty, people are suffering affluence, is it so? people are suffering discomfort, people are suffering comfort, is it so? so they are capable of suffering anything so obviously they're creating suffering...yes? if you look at yourself this life energy which you call as myself, sometimes has been very blissful has it been? joyful and blissful at certain times sometimes it's been absolute turmoil sometimes peaceful, sometimes agony, sometimes ecstacy has it gone through all this so it is capable of finding all these various expressions so if it is capable of all this, if only if you had little mastery over your life energies what would you instruct your life energies to be misery or joy? so people who have no control over their systems they are talking suffering is inevitable...No. suffering is not inevitable suffering is self created if you are aware if you take your body into control if you just have little mastery over your body at least fifteen to twenty five, thirty percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands, please see just your body, physical mastery, is it so? if you take your mind into your control if you have mastery over your mind at least forty to sixty percent of your mind will be forty to sixty percent of your life will be in your control if you take your life energies into your control hundred percent of your destiny will be in your control the very way you live and the very way you die will be decided by you

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about suffering. Sadhguru explains that if your able to create a certain sense of freedom from suffering for one moment, can't you create one more moment? (TO17)

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