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Scientific Revolutions

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Good Morning Everyone, This is Channel 6 News Reporting Live from London and we’ve got some interesting stories for you all. First up is about the new concept just released by sir Isaac Newton, a renowned scientist of our time. And now I’ll hand over the mike to Carter, who is live on scene. Well, Fujia, this is a truly revolutionary topic we have here today. It is the Law of Gravitation, written in a book called the Principia. It states that there is a universal force that pulls objects down towards it. All objects have this force, but the larger the object, the greater the force. It is easy to imagine how the church will react to this one. I mean, why aren’t we all crashing into each other due to gravity right? Well, we have had Carter's apparent assumption about how the Church is going to react, But now we have a exclusive interview with the Church Bishop So, we're going to ask the Church Bishop Brian over here, So, how do you feel about this new theory? This man they call Newton dares to defy the church?!?!? will this Newton guy be burned at the stake ? Well, I'll my best to condemn this serious heretic, and preserve the word of the Church. Well, now that we have the Church Bishop's viewpoint, it looks like we're going to have to see Newton's viewpoint on this. Hey, Newton. It looks like the Church Bishop doesn't like you very much. How do you think he's going to treat you? I just hope he won't burn me at the stake. Well, good luck with that. How did you make this great discovery? Well, years of hard work finally paid off, and was forming how the planets revolved. Do you think the rest of society will accept this well? Kinda depends... That's all for today. That really is a revolutionary concept, And it will be interesting to hear about how the church will respond to it. We have got a scientific tool to tell you about, that will help the practical mind. That's right, this isn't some theory that will help you farm or trade This is a compass!! You can know where you're going with this tool. This is a simple tool, that has a needle that always points to the north. No more having to look up to find the north star! Just take out your compass! Buy one now at Fry's Archaics! Next, we have a device made by the scientist Galileo Gallilei It is called the telescope. We'll now go to Carter to learn more about this new device. Thanks Fujia, we are at Galileo Galileo's workplace in Venice, Italy Where this ingenious man has created a device called the telescope. This “Telescope” enables the user to see objects as if they are 200 times closer. So, Galileo how does this device of yours work? My telescope is a tube that has concave lenses inside which allows you to see much further than you can with the naked eye. It bends the light in a way that makes objects appear larger. What could this device be used for? It can be used to look at objects in the sky that are very far away. That way astronomers can see planets and stars up close and study them more closely. What sort of things have you looked at with this Telescope? I have seen at least four moons of Jupiter. I have discovered that the sun has spots on it and have been able to learn a lot about the moon, such as the fact that it has a very uneven surface. Thank you, Galileo. Back to you, Fujia. We’ve got another story to tell of another invention, much like the telescope in the sense that it’s a practical tool. And that's the thermometer. We’ve got two privileged locals who have been allowed to test it here and to give comments on this newly invented device. Thank you Fujia, and now, it's time for an interview of two of Gabriel Fahrenheit's colleagues. Please, tell us about this thermometer. Ok, Hi, my name is Hugo Stutzenstein and this is Johann Strodelheim, and we've been researching on this thermometer with Professor Fahrenheit in a small city-state called Urbino, Italy. Johann? The thermometer is an instrument used to measure the amount of heat in the air, or temperature. Yes, this thermometer is a new invention. It was first thought of by Galileo, and he made it work to almost perfect results using mercury. Well, we got one last thing to say and this one is quite a tragedy. The great scientist Galileo Galilei has been put on trial for supposedly being a heretic. Our reporter Carter is on the scene right now to report on it. Thanks Fujia, today we are here at the Great Judgement Hall of Florence, where Galileo Galileo is being put on trial for being a supposed heretic. Here we have a judge who is leading the committee against Galileo. Judge, what do you have to say on the subject of this trial? EVERYTHING THAT (censored) HERETIC SAYS IS RUBBISH AND AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD! I WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH STUPIDITY! IF I MUST REMOVE HIS HEAD MYSELF I WILL! We have a rare opportunity to interview the accused heretic Galileo. Please, tell us what you have to say about this situation you are in. Well, the church refuses to agree with my theory. They simply won’t listen to reason. They hate change and don’t want to accept new ideas, even if there is very good evidence in support of that theory. They refuse to believe that the great Aristotle could have been wrong. While he was a great thinker, in his time there was simply no way to prove him wrong, so everything he said was believed due to lack of counter evidence, but now we have new devices like my telescope that can show us more about the things beyond the world, something that the people of Aristotle’s time did not have. Back to you, Fujia. Well, that was today’s broadcast of Channel 6 Daily News. We hope you enjoyed the show and learned of the latest and most important things that are happening in our current world, and stay tuned for another broadcast of Channel 6 News tomorrow at nine. He used mercury with the perfect to almost perfect results? What the ~#$% We have another story to tell, and it's about the telescope. We will now go to our temporary reporter, Matoshi, to learn more about this newest piece of machinery. Well ~Fujia~, I have a special chance to talk to that guy that invented the microscope Uuuuh what's his name? Zacharias Janssen, thats right! So, Janssen, how did u come up with this microscope thingamabobber? Well, it was very hard at first, as I didn’t know how to use concave and convex lenses. However, I figured it out, and here I am! What do you think people will use this device for? People will use this device to see things on a smaller scale, as well as what things are made of. Thanks for the interview, and sorry about forgetting your name, and that's all for today!

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Scientific Revolutions

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