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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~20:01:14 - 20:16:14

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How long should I... I'll die. I'll die. Yes, I did. ― Yes. ― Did you? ― Yes. ― Were you outside? Did you close the door? With the video camera... With the video camera... ― Which door? ― Did you close the door to the bathroom? ― Yes. ♪ I am not you... my own love. ♪ I am not you... my own love. Sit there for now, I'll go out in a moment. ― Sit on the couch. ― OK. ♪ I am not you... my own love. ♪ I am not you... my own love. ― Are you cold, Zhanna? ― No. ― Just a moment, let me close the window. ― OK. Get up, get up, get up. Come on, put your underwear on. Come on, get up. Stand on the couch. You can sit down now. ― Do you like the mermaid? ― Hmm. ― I did not wear at all. ― Mmm? ― Nobody wore... Come on, come on. Sit down, are you hungry? ― Huh? ― Are you hungry? ― No. ― What did you eat for dinner? ― For dinner? Cake and then some tea. ― Did you? Didn't you eat mashed potatoes? ― Huh? Are you hungry now? Did you eat meat? Do you want to eat some meat? You don't? Sit down. ― Look, they are a little big for me. ― Hmm? ― They are a little big for me. ― It's OK. ― Zhanna, are you going to sleep? ― Yes. Come on, just a moment. Prepare your bed in the meantime. Are you tired? Yes. ― Did everything go well for you today? ― Yes. Are you combing your hair? What is this doing here? Your comb. That one. There's more. I'll put the combs here. I can also do it this way. OK, let's... ― Look at Scooby Doo, he's just like his little brother. ― What? He sits there. Poor Scooby Doo. Did you leave the carpets you took to the field there? ― Yes. ― Huh? ― Yes. ― Do you want to sleep hugging your friends? ― Yes. Come on. OK, come on, Zhanna. Is it hard to comb your hair, does it hurt, Zhanna? No. I just comb my hair quickly and then it doesn't hurt. Did Ilyas get angry at you today? No. Zhanna, why don't you lift your head a little. ― Do you want me to dry your hair with a hairdryer? ― Huh? ― Do you want me to dry your hair with a hairdryer? ― Yes. ― Do you like it? ― Yes. OK, just wait a little, we'll do it later. ― No, it's just that it will be very loud. ― Huh? It was Ilyas who came. Ilyas said "do it this way, do it this way", didn't he? Yes, he did, and you were afraid, weren't you? It hurt here and I cry... cried. Yes, you cried, because it was so loud. Do you want to do it with a hairdryer? ― What? ― With a hairdryer? ― And what is this? Where? It's from... earrings. Didn't you have things like this? Where are they? ― Do you want to put this in your hair? Why don't you? ― There is only one. ― Ah, there's one more. ― Why don't you put these in your hair? Look at this. Why don't you put it in your hair like a princess? -Put it in your hair tomorrow. Do you want me to put it in now? ― Just a sec. Here. ― Here, Zhanna, take a look. Do you want this one? ― Just a sec. ― You don't want this one? ― Yes, I want it. ― Here, let me put it. But you're going to sleep now. Put it in tomorrow. OK? You're going to sleep now. OK? ― Let me see, do you want me to put it in? ― Where's the second one? ― Do we need the second one? ― I don't know. ― Put these ones on tomorrow. Yes, these ones. Just a sec, I'll just put that one, otherwise the hair... ― What are you doing? ― My hair is in the way. ― Huh? ― My hair is in the way. I am tired now. Come on, let's dry it with a hairdryer and go to sleep. You'll do it tomorrow, OK? Come on. We'll put them here, you'll do it tomorrow. OK? Here. Come on. Look at you, are you doing your hair? Oh, Zhanna, Zhanna. You are a big girl, aren't you? ― Aren't you? ― Yes, I am. ― Are you already doing your hair like Elya? Oh, I'm so tired. Let's go and dry your hair with a hairdryer. Let's go. ― Should I leave this ribbon? ― Let's go, we'll see. ― OK. I'll take it off, otherwise it might go inside the hairdryer. ― Let's go. Just a sec. Where are we going to do this? Huh? ― There is no electricity here. ― Wait a moment. Ah, there is. Warm like water. ― Are you enjoying it? ― Yes. It's so warm, like water. It's good, because you're coughing. It's just like... the wind... of the rocket. ― Brush your teeth now, OK? ― OK. After I do your hair, brush your teeth. Look at me. Zhanna, look at me. Mmm... Your hair... ― Ilyas, are you going to take a shower? ― Huh? ― Are you taking a shower? ― Yes. ― Take off your clothes. Do you want your hair dried too? OK, Zhanna, now brush your teeth. ― Close it. ― Zhanna, come here. ― What? I'll get out of here in a second. Zhanna, come here. Ilyas, be quiet. Here you go. ― Do you need to go to the bathroom? ― I'll do it myself. ― Where is my thing? ― Our things for children? ― No, no, it's not here. Hey, Kaisar, is it urgent? Or can you come by later? ― Sort of urgent. ― What is it? ― I need some money. ― OK, can't we do it tomorrow? ― I also need money. ― What? ― I also need some sheets of paper. Not now, can't you see that I am busy? ― I'll bring them in a second. ― No, no, no, Ilyas. Kaisar can wait. Kaisar, go out, I am busy now. Here it is. My throat hurts so much. My throat hurts all the time, mom. ― Huh? ― My throat hurts all the time. ― Should we use the spray? ― Already did. ― Say "A". ― Papa already did. ― Did he? ― Yes. Let's go, Zhanna will brush her teeth. ― Will you have a shower? ― Let Zhanna do her stuff first, I'll do it later. ― Mom... ― Honey... Come on. Should I do something to help cure your throat? You asked me to do it yourself. Your mouth. Hold this. Stop, stop, now sit in front of me. Sit in front of me, my little one. ― Ouch, Ouch! ― Like this, open your mouth wider. Then put everything in your mouth. Come on.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 110
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 19, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 20:00-20:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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