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Design of Death - Chainsaw, Plane Crashes, Car accidents, Burn Victims, Being Killed

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Death - The design of Death This is the design of death, communicating about death death - the greatest fear exist within this world because the one experience that human beings are not able to control that human beings are not able to determine the most unexpected unknown fearful frightening petrifying manifestation of this world I've got an interesting 'something' to share with you human beings constantly live in fear of death constantly it's interesting just to add on to the design of makeup for instance why do you- why do woman wear makeup? because they fear death! they fear aging because they know aging leads to death why do you think health exist you know being healthy, going to gym riding bike doing tournament all these you know physical activities along with all your haul of health foods through fear of aging through fear of getting old because they know aging and getting old will lead to the inevitable death so everything of this world, consist of fear of death you know it's interesting what human beings look like interdimensionally because of fear of death you have like these little capsule around you placed around you then you have all these pipe lines ok? that leads in front of you and there you are somewhere in the god damn future about I don't know sixty seventy years old you are not here living the age and the expression you are on now, no you're in this capsule connected to the future somewhere where you will become old, and inevitably die and human beings you know what's the most interesting thing? are you going to die? are you going to die? yes you are going to die so you know you are going to die yet, you live this Life, in the absolute greatest fear of that which you know is inevitably going to happen but it will get you is in fact you don't know when it's going to happen it's going to be unexpected, and you've seen it all on television on the media about death, you know creating and manifesting the fear of death either burning plan crashes car accidents being shot being killed with a knife chainsaw being hanged being choked being drowned being smothered having your limbs being torn off by you one by one having your- having taken a butcher knife and being cut up while you are still alive having yourself being dissected and your organs taken out struggling while your still alive having to bleed to death fear of death human beings spontaneously- presented to you by the world now human beings literally in every moment living fear of death you fear death why is that? that's interesting, why do you fear death? firstly maybe you've to look at what do you fear losing in this world? what have you defined yourself according to in this world what is it that you think you are going to miss in this world? because where do you want to stand human beings? we are a pure example that death doesn't existed what does 'died' is the picture of yourself and this picture world what dies is your human physical body not you please who you are, exist beyond infinitely even infinity is of a mind, system thus human beings live so- in every moment of your Life experience with your breathe, and self-honesty in every moment that whether you are living here or whether you will die you will be exactly the same this girl has proven it please whether here or in the dimensions, exactly the same how do you do that? you breathe and self-honesty in every moment so that you won't fear death because you know, you know whether I am here or! in the dimensional existence I am exactly the same I am not defined! by where I am or with who I am or what I am so human beings look clearly within yourself watch movies where death is really portrayed look for your reactions within yourself apply forgiveness immediately specifically take out the fear of death because why? you are not living if you constantly live in fear of death are you living? thank you very much, this is the design of death I shall see you soon Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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