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Hello, my name is Barbara Tucker and I would like to welcome you to Com1110 I would like to talk about the expectations for this class, what you will be expected to do and how this affects your life. This is a class in public speaking and other forms of communication, but mostly it is a class in how to give speeches to groups of people. I have provided studyguides or lecture guides for each of the lectures. You need to have that studyguide in front of you as we go through the lecture. If you have not printed those you may want to stop the video at this point and print the appropriate studyguide. I will also provide transcripts in PDF version of each of the lectures as well as powerpoints. That way if you miss any of the material you can review. First a little about me, my name is Barbara Tucker. I am associate professor of Communications here at Dalton State College. I have been here since 2004 but that was not the beginning of my teaching career. I have been teaching since 1978. I have taught in a private college, community college, technical college, university and a four year college. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Georgia in the E.D.D. program. I am studying how adults learn and how to lead adult learning. I am originally from Maryland but have lived in this area for 30 years. I live in Ringgold, Georgia. I have a husband and a son. my son is a college graduate I also have two rescue dogs who seem to control my life right now. I like to garden. In my other life I am a novelist. I encourage you to look into my novels, you might enjoy those. Mostly what I teach here at Dalton State is Communication, but I also teach English, Humantities, Business Writing and Business Communication at times. Let's go onto the next part of this lecture and discuss the study guides. The goals of the course. There are two ways I want you to think of the goals First the goals of the course as to what is on the syllabus, if you have your syllabus look at page 1. The first page contains the really important information, you will find how to contact me, the course description, the name of the textbook The 11th Edition of the very popular textbook "The Art of Public Speaking" by Steven Lucas. The information for the ISBN is also included there. The next thing on the syllabus is the student learning outcomes. This is what I am held accountable to teach you. You can see what that says :The student will ehibit expertise necessary to research, organize and present an oral report or speech. We will talk about how to research, how to organize and how best to present the ideas to different groups of people. The second one: analyze, evaluate and provide convincing reasons to support conclusions or arguments. The third students will use technology and gather data from various sources including electronic media. Demonstrate an understanding of plagarisim by acknowledging and siting information and sources correctly. We take plagarism and using sources correctly very seriously. I will require you to use "Turn It In" or a similar tool. These tools will check your outlines and papers to be sure you have borrowed your sources correctly. The last outcome students will demonstrate an ability to evaluate observations, inferences, relationships and works under investigation. The way we do this is to ask you to write a short paper analyzing one of your classmates speeches. This evaluates your learning listening skills and critical thinking skills. So these are the core learning outcomes. I have added other informal value added outcomes.

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