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English impact on YouTube

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This might be what YouTube represents, but, what is YouTube? We could say... that YouTube is basically a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. YouTube for me is the place where I can express myself doing what I love and showing other people my opinions, my thoughts and my abilities. I am a content-producer. I started on YouTube on September 2014 and now I have reached three thousand subscribers and one hundred million views. In my channel I do mostly fashion and make-up and then I do other things like home décor, lifestyle stuff and other random things like travel vlogs, challenges... I especially watch music, I really love every type of music in English. I see music in English. I tend to watch music. I think that the most are: music videos, concerts, and this kind of things. ♫ Big hits on YouTube sounding ♫ I watch (YouTube) to make crafts. to learn crafts. For music. Sometimes if I’m not in Spain, I download, I mean, watch movies and then when I see something on Facebook that brings me to YouTube, mostly funny videos. Some youtubers like Cameron Dallas, or programs like "Britain's Got Talent”. I do watch a lot of documentary movies... on YouTube on variety of different topics. Sometimes I also watch tutorials, like beauty tutorials and things like that. Obviously, before creator of content I am a consumer. I started watching YouTube about four or five years ago, when the “Biggest” started, and since then, I have never stopped watching it. I watch mostly fashion and make-up and all that kind of stuff, like the content I do, but, I watch other things like cooking, vlogs, music and other things. The content I watch, is like 50% in English and 50% in Spanish, but, I prefer the content in English, because, I think that the English content... has more variety and styles, and there is more people that make content in English... rather that in Spanish or other languages. I think it’s good because when you are hearing things in English, you are getting used to that tongue, and that’s good, no? For improve your level of English, or the language you are practicing. For example, with "Britain's Got Talent”, I improved a little bit my level, with the dialogues of the judges... and the subtitles, I always see the program with subtitles. By watching beauty tutorials, I improve my vocabulary... and get to know cultures from different places, since those tutorials are in English, they’re more universal and made by people from different countries. Sometimes there are the lyrics written down the video, so you can read it you are learning some words, is like you are listening something, is good. I do believe that it’s very beneficial for English language abilities... as it improves your vocabulary, I wouldn’t say that it improves your grammar, but definitely it makes you more fluent in speaking... and obviously it improves your listening skills... so I consider it something really valuable.

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Posted by: ardard on Jan 31, 2016

By Èlia Villar, Silvia Vidal, Celia Vera and Albert Rubió.

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