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Zohar Connection Behar 4 30

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pero el problema es si permanezco con el "Yo", entonces no estoy en una luz la conciencia recuerda que estoy en un estado de conciencia de "yo" la conciencia de "yo" La conciencia de "yo" tiene su limitaciónes. La conciencia de la luz no tiene límites. (Hebreo) Cuando alcanzas este nivel o te conectas con este nivel (Disculpe) de JOJMA que nosotros, que es en realidad el objetivo de cualquier proceso de pensamiento es que tenemos que dejar ir como hemos aprendido todos estos años. Tienes que dejar ir, pero letting go where's my support there's no support now to depend completely on light well we've become convinced that the light consciousness is all-inclusive there's no time-space emotion this already was determined by quantum they only have a paradox that what about this world doesn't this world exists on why doesn't if time-space emotion does not exist and if yesterday and today and tomorrow are the same outcome everyone doesn't win in the stock market how come everyone doesn't win in everything a little problem so they have a contradiction but theoretically it's no contradiction why because the way we see it you've got to be in two places at the same time you have to get involved in the MALCHUT what we call the BOTS the mud but at the same time you have to remove yourself if you do that then the MALCHUT that you undergo and even the MALCHUT with that we are under went because it passes through and MALCHUT with is not light never will be light MALCHUT is the vessel light is light MALCHUT even on a metaphysical level is still not light while we while the illusion impresses us with the idea that we are light for who who is going to who's going to run this this family who's going to run this business who's going to run any part of my life if not I who should I leave it even to is there anybody I can leave it to what's that well not only do they get lost according to the ARI they get stuck in the mud and therefore they can't get out because they assume that they are the only ones who can extricate themselves and everything around them from from this problem and I don't have to tell you problems must must arise if not there would be bread of shame so we're not we're not getting into the idea of why why are we undergoing problems problems are part of the process without the problems there's no process we should have been back in the AIN SOF getting it all for nothing so we know that problems must arise not that the problems arose who's going to solve the problem so we have already determined MALCHUT would never resolves any problem because at MALCHUT nothing happens nothing happens there's no action within MALCHUT except by by the restrictive process we move away from MALCHUT that's all that restriction does for us it permits a vehicle a channel by which we can extricate ourselves from all of the limitations of MALCHUT.

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Posted by: yoel.waisberg on Apr 30, 2018

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