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Mr. Woodcock (2008)

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[whistle blows] (narrator) All through Junior High, John Farley struggled to keep up. Are you going to be a loser? No sir! Rhetorical, Farley. I already know the answer. You are a disgrace to fat, gelatinous, out of shape little kids the world over. I can't hang on. Don't you even think about letting go. (narrator) Which motivated him to become the self help author that he is today. I've read all your books. All I did was give you the raft - you had to inflate it yourself. You are so amazing. OK, crazy, move it along. (narrator) But he's about to discover he's going to need all the self help he can get. Hey mom! You're here! Are you seeing someone? Yeah. You know him already. [in slow motion voice] Mr. Woodcock. Well it looks like I'm gonna be your new dad. So what's your book about? It teaches people how to release painful memories, so they rebuild their self esteem. Lot of losers out there I guess. (narrator) This fall - heal the wounds... All I want is for you two to get along. Ow! It's me! It's John! Whatya doing! It's dark, instinct took over. What about when I said "It's me, it's John"? John's a very common name. There could be a burglar named John. (narrator)...and feel the love... He's hooking up with your mom? That was way better than anything on the internet. Hey John, I'm on a plane, headed for Boston, and you'll never guess who is sitting next to me. Who? Nobody! I can't make it. My mom needs me - she's about to marry the anti-christ. Excuse me, hi, could I get a real bottle please? I'm an alcoholic, not a Barbie-doll. You're going down, Woodcock. You must like getting spanked, Farley. Guess it runs in the family. ♪ hey ho let's go ♪ Get inside his wheelhouse, and spin him like a top. Are you okay? Rhetorical question Woodcock! [crash] [digital beeps as numbers increase] [crash of dumbbells on wood floor] [Captions by]

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