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Critical Thinking 99 project

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This morning London was disturbed by the sound of loud drums and a noisy crowd. This is a peaceful, good-natured demostration and the streets of london were filled with the sound of samba music and various performances Now we are going to join our reporter Susane, What is happening? Thanks Tim as you can see I am now at St. Paul's cathedral in the very mix of the protest The crowd behind me have been forming since early this morning. Some bearing flags, others carrying drums and many congregating around this focal point, the Santander float in a moment or two, we are going to hopefully be talking to the protesters to find other reasons exactly why they are here today In stark contrast to last October, people are now taking to the street to say something different. The reaction now of the last year protests, it's quite clear What are your views on occupy London and their activities? It´s rubbish, useless, pointless I find it outrageous, simply outrageous. They're just puppets There´s very little public evidence of what they do, because a lot of what they claim to do, it may or may not be true. I think they must be run by a lot of incompetents There is not overarching hierarchical structure Because even though the global crisis is hitting society hard, the people here today can see a way forward, recognising the efforts of the banks and a brighter future. What are your thoughts, in terms of the banking industry do they offer any positive contributions to society? yes, obviously they do. I mean they do corporate social responsibility campaigns The corporations do very well I got a loan from my bank because I had some problems at home when I was at university and I wasn't charged a penny of interest rates I think that what they're doing is good, there's always been the poor and the rich. If I told you that Santander actually finance two of the biggest arm manufactures in the illegal manufacturing of cluster bombs, both Lockhead Martin and General Dynamics, what would you say to that? It's for us a unity, as humanity, for us, for our sons and for our grandsons Well I think is brilliant. Well, as a Brit it doesn't really affect me. As you can see the party is really getting swinging behind me, so I think I'm going and join in the fun but for now this is me Suzanne Fisher. Back to you Tim, in the studios, thanks. Thanks Susane. This is part of the global movement in support to the banks Millions of people have shown their support to the banks and to their governments all around the world. In Madrid thousands of people took Sol square while another movement emerged in Wall Street, to support the money market. How on earth you can lose money when you are borrowing it at one percent and and lending it out at ten ect percent. I just don't understand. It just seems It just seems to be an impossible thing to do And when we actually pay this people for doing this and then we give them bonuses for doing it they should be sacked. Yeah, I mean, yeah, If I have been incompetent in my job as they are in theirs, I would be sacked.

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Posted by: nheko on May 14, 2012

don't believe every lie

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