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H20 just add water control part 2

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The angle between moon and planet Venus is on a constant changing. Venus is the closest planet and it can be seen with the naked eye Interesting. Wait... The time is not right. Oh...I got it. It's the Korean schedule. The setup is on the Korean time zone. The sky here at night is one hour ahead. That means the moon is already up. Girls, no! Girls? Girls, stop! Don't look at the water. Come back, let's go back home. Okay? It's me, Louis, your friend. No, no, no! Don't do this! You're only going to... Ruin everything. Cleo! Are you there? It's Louis, your friend. Louis. Emma, I'm glad I found you, where are the others? Cleo, are you ok? You have to leave, Louis. I told you, We don't need you. I've been very worried for you. I take full responsability for everything that has happened. Let's go home. We are home. I know. But I think you're going to be more comfortable in your own bed. Let's go. You're going to be far from this moonlight. What's going on? You can't take us. DId you do this? What's happening? What are you doing?! What? Help! Somebody help me! Put me down! Ah, the finest fish in the ocean. What? You, the brighest pearl. The perfect jewelry. Did you sleep well? Ah, yes, yes. Cleo, I want some sandwiches. Do it yourself. You're supposed to take care of me, that's what father said. I'm not your slave, do it on your own. Dad! I'm sorry girls, I have to leave, work it out somehow. I want one jam and one honey. I said do it on your own. Allright, I'll take this one instead. Eliott, you have to shut the freezer door. My clothes are roasted. And I froze a whole room. It's like our powers have changed. And they're out of control. Did something happen last night? It was a full moon. There's nothing else I remember. What have we done? I don't know...was Louis there with us? A message. Look, Cleo, I know you won't get this message until you get back to normal. But I'm sorry, and I'm coming, I'm close to Mako. Come back to normal?

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Duration: 9 minutes and 10 seconds
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Posted by: h20lover556 on Feb 5, 2009

The girls turn on Lewis and attack him

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