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TXP Vlogumentary

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Alright, so it's March 22. What time is it? [watch] 11:37 Ooh. 23 minutes away from midnight. Alright, cool. We're in the Blind Film Critic studios, and tonight we're gonna show you just a little bit of what goes on to make the Blind Film Critic review. We're off to go see the much talked about, much bally-hooed, Hunger Games. It's a midnight show, we've got 23 minutes. We better get a move on! Safety first! Little Franco's pizza up here on the right. Dolly in on three. There he is, look. Franco's Hey hey! ♪ Just another manic monday ♪ (Ben) Here, why don't you be cameraman? Lemme see. Like this? This is like Blair Witch Project. [laughs] ♪ [freaky music] I love being cameraman. It's great fun. It gives me a chance to show the world the way I see it. Maybe what I should do is just put the lens cap on. Then you'll see the world that way. It's 11:44 now. 16 away from midnight. This is the mall. This is where the Rave Motion Pictures is. So here we are, pulling in. Oh, this is the parking garage. Umkay. Look, see, he's parking. All this shady stuff goes on in parking garages. There's a lot of cars here for Connecticut at 11:47. Uh-oh. This is gonna be busy. I'm gonna turn the camera over to Ben now. He's gotta take us into the theater. [footsteps] Not too bad of a crowd, not too crazy. Look, we don't even have to wait to get tickets.This is pretty good. Look, see the same hallway that we saw Hangover 2 in, and as you can see, it's not quite as busy as it was for Hangover 2. So we just walked down the hall and noticed that there are at least 4 screens for this one. You know, right in this side of the theater, so it should be pretty good. So. Are you ready? I am. I've been waitiing for this for - about 2 days now, 3 days. [crowd murmur] So we just finished watching the Hunger Games. It's about 10 till 3 now. We're gonna go back to the studio, and shoot the review. Let's go, 'cause I gotta be to work at 5. Here we go, leaving the rock concert now. ♪ [Caribbean flavor] Time is 3:04. In the morning. [door creaks] So we've just finished watching the Hunger Games, we're back here, in the Blind Film Critic studios. It usually takes around 45 minutes to shoot the review. Maybe 30. (Ben) Level. (Tommy) Hi, level 1-2-3-4. Hey-hey! [laughs] [watch] 3:29. (Tommy) 3:29 is our time. Hunger Games. Is this one about trying to get food at the concession stand? [slo-mo laugh] Today's comment question: Who would have been a good ga- Today's comment question: [beep] Today's comment question: Who would have been a - who [beep] Alright, so let's see know. It's um, March the 23 now, so it's the next day. Let's see where we are on time. [watch] 4:20 Ooh, 4:20. Good morning everybody. Ah, so, that's it. We just finished shooting the review, Ah, this is where the doctor's now gonna drive me off to work, and he's going to go off to the editing suite and put this thing together. [horn honks] And no, we're not going to show you that part. [watch] 4:20 4:20. Don't you love to hear 420? Come on, one more time. In my pocket. [watch] 4:21 Aw, it's over. ♪ [bumper music] Does roll the light? What are we doing, like 35 miles an hour? 40? (other voice) 35. World looks good at 35 miles an hour, doesn't it? You don't have to see all the bullshit. [laughs] My god, would you look at all the cars. Wow!

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