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Huyền Lê - My Khanh, Vietnam (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~06:00:00 - 06:29:59

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He said that we should park behind boat 47. What? Where? Where’s boat 47? I asked him ‘Why's it taking so long Uncle Nam?’ He said, ‘Because you are after boat 47.’ I said, ‘My boat parked at the same time as that boat that already had its turn this morning.’ The metal boat was waiting here the whole night. That boat number is 69 Ok, so which one is boat 47? I don’t see boat 47. Is 47 the wooden boat? Isn't it? I don't know. You go ask him. It’s easier because you’re a woman. So crazy. That wooden boat has no number plate. And we are not going to that extent. What extent? Hello uncle. Which one is boat 47, uncle? On the right side, located in that area. Boat 47 is over there? Boat 47 is over there! What is that? Are you hungry? Don't even know which boat is boat 47. He just pointed randomly. I don’t see it. Wash the dishes. Just do our job. Is this tied tightly? It won't drop, right? Is it right, Huyen? After that wooden boat, then it's our turn, right? That’s right. Boat 47 is being taken. Which one? Where is boat 47? The wooden boat is 47. No, it isn’t?! Oh my God. He just pointed to it Then why when I asked him, he said boat 47 is near the shore. He … The owner of the boat from Soc Trang just asked him... He said after that boat's done, then that one, and this one, and then it's the turn for the boat from Soc Trang. Do you know what ‘this one’ is? It’s the small wooden boat. What? What? Did you see what the owner from Soc Trang pointed at? He said after this boat was taken, then that one, and then it’s the turn for the boat from Soc Trang. He pointed … how can we see with that kind of pointing? He just points randomly! Nhieu, you are doing nothing! Come get the vegetable basket and the rice pan to wash. To cook rice, or what? Yes, cook more rice. I'm so hungry. Get the red basket. Take those baskets out to wash. What? Take the vegetable baskets out to wash. They look nasty. Wash it right now, or what? The red basket or what? Wash them all. Don't throw the vegetables away. We will die if the drinking water bucket falls. Wash which items? I ladled the rice out, ok? The rice is old. Get rid of it. It's not rotten. There's so much rice left. Dry it, to make feed for chicken, ok? Just get f*cking rid of it. What do you want to dry it for? Like the day before. [Loud engine sound] This engine is broken - sounds bad. Yeah. [Unintelligible] The comb might be broken. Is the pineapple broken? Broken. [Loud engine sound] If our boat is taken today, then we’ll follow the flow of water to go there. I'm afraid we don't have enough time to go to the market. [Loud engine sound] Til the afternoon. [Loud engine sound] Mr. Hieu doesn’t come back today, does he? No. Hey, is boat 47 that metal boat? What? That metal boat. No. It’s the rice-carrying boat. It just came out. Only water. Cook rice. What Cook rice. What? Nhieu, go wash the rice. I quit, you’re so lazy. I hear a boat calling us. I don’t see any boat selling things. What’s the time? The boat is so small. It takes so long to wait for the metal boats. - Are you delivering turmeric? - It’s the turn for the metal boat … Yes. All the metal boats are big. We can go after him. No, it’s not our turn. Push it out. Kick it out. Is it his turn? Look, what’s the number plate of that one? What? Don’t know when our turn is. The metal boat doesn’t wait for it like that. Where? There. - This one is owned by Mr. Nep’s brother. - Mr. Bon Lua, right? Mr. Nep’s brother. This one is Mr. Lua. That one is Mr. Nep. The man a moment ago is Mr. Nep. Their names are so funny, Mr. Lua, Gao, Nep. Lua, Gao Nep right? All cool names. If we go now, we still have to wait for the tide. We have to go against the water when the tide is not high. Damn, it would be better if boat 47 is located here. It’s located on Mr. Dung’s side. What? It’s too far, I don’t see it … What’s that? Where’s Mr. Hieu's boat from? It’s from Tan Mon. O Mon? You know my hometown? Yes. Who do you know? My parents? Sure. Is this boat owned by the young guys, Nhieu? Which one? The grandpa of Mr. Duc little... He has 3 boats - this one is his too. Well, the grandpa of Mr. Duc little. Or he is his brother. What? Look at his running gesture. So skinny. I thought it’s past seven o’clock. What? I thought it’s past seven o’clock. The small wooden boat has just come out, hasn’t it? It already went behind. The wooden boats were taken all this morning. Two boats. The one which had just been taken a moment ago. [Loud engine sound] Uncle Tam drinks like monster, Huyen. [Loud engine sound] I'll go now. Hey. [Laugh] You’re a little devil. Who’s that? That little devil? Is he driving the boat by? He just had a haircut. I couldn't recognize him. At least he rides the boat from there to here with 3 people. It’s tiring like hell to ride with only two people.

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Duration: 30 minutes
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 1, 2016

As their barge waits in line at the sand dredging machine, Huyền uses a bucket to collect water from the river, and washes dishes off a small platform above the river. Meanwhile, her deckhand rests in a hammock.

Lê Huyền is a young woman who lives and works on her family's sand barge on the Mekong River Delta near Mỹ Khánh village,Vietnam. This film is part of the Global Lives Project, documenting 24-hours in the lives of people around the world.

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