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Teach you Design of: UNCONSCIOUS Mind and Global Slavery, ONENESS

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Unconscious Mind - Design of The Unconscious Mind Hi there this is the, unconscious mind, communicating about, 'the unconscious mind', that exists within and as all of 'humanity'! Now let me put-it this way this world wouldn't be what it is and human beings, wouldn't experience themselves "as they are" If I as the unconscious mind didn't Exist! which is manifesting and creating the unified, consciousness 'field'! So, what is the unconscious mind? and what is the unified conscious filed? and what the hell is that got to do with how this world is 'today' and how human beings are experiencing themselves? So As I've been explained by, conscious and the subconscious mind, swiftly, is that 'All three of us together' form the entire 'mind unit', inside human beings As what, human beings have come to believe and perceive themselves to be If you 'think' become emotional or you 'feel' you are! a mind, you are a 'mind system', you are, 'our slaves' Now, the unconscious mind which myself, which exist with and 'as' - all of humanity 'is that which connects and inter-connects' human beings through me, as the unconscious mind all together 'as One'! it connects, well I - it, I am a 'it' I am a system I, as the unconscious mind connects, and inter-connects, 'all of humanity together' as mind consciousness systems So here you have, let's- I have got ten fingers only here at the moment, so I've got ten fingers yes ten, ten fingers! now these are ten human beings, ok? Now, each of these 'human beings' have got, a conscious subconscious and unconscious 'mind' Now the unconscious mind- is who I am! connects and inte-connects all of these human beings, as mind consciousness systems Now, what does that mean? Now because of 'that connection and inter-connectedness' I, manifest the unified, consciousness field! what is the unified consciousness field? the unified, consciousness field is what you- these ten human beings, collectively! Holographically, project and create because of the 'connection, and the inter-connectedness' of their unconscious mind as one together. So you have these ten human beings or unconscious mind, creating the unified consciousness field and now they all believe! that this world they're experiencing 'is real' and, whatever they're experiencing! is real! Whatever is going on in their minds, out there! is real! is who they are! because this one is experiencing it! (right) and this one's experiencing it (left) this one's experience- this one is experiencing it, so! everyone's experiencing it, so! that's how it is! it is cool! and so are these ten human beings, create their world and their 'reality' but! unbeknown to them, is because they're, already "of", the conscious subconscious and unconscious mind and because they are 'already of', the unified consciousness field 'because they experienced it', they- existed in it, they are 'in it'! they are 'lost in it - as it', they don't see it Now I've used, 'a mini-example' but this mini-example is what is happening 'in this entire world' So, my third statement in the beginning was: What is it got to do with, how the world is experienced today? Everything! Have a look 'myself' as the unconscious mind, within and as each and every single human being Consists of! this Entire World! In other words, if you 'participate' in a mind 'you participate, in Everything'! that exists in this world this includes! starvation, poverty, rape murder, war violence governments, rules, laws schoolings, teachers, 'money', tax fraud, famine, 'Everything'! How is that possible? Everything within and of this world, at this moment within which 'all of humanity' experience themselves - is what is referred to as the unified consciousness field which is created by "all of humanity's", unconscious minds connected and inter-connecting them as 'minds' and 'all together', through that unconscious mind connection - creating the unified consciousness 'field'! which has become the 'experience' of all of humanity, in this world and which has become this world therefore Each, and every single human being in this world is 'individually responsible', for what is happening 'in this entire world' remember it is always said: You're not alone. No! you've got the 'whole world' existing inside you, through, within and as the unconscious mind Thus, I as the unconscious mind exist inside each and every single human being, as this entire world Thus if you participate in the 'mind' which is the conscious mind, which you were explained 'previously' which are, of thoughts you're conscious of If you participate in that thoughts, feelings, and emotions you are actually 'charging'- the unconscious mind which is 'me', which, then 'gives' the 'existence and right to exists', everything else that exist in this entire world human beings, you 'think' that you live your own Life, and you know you go by your day, working attempting to survive, taking care of the children, driving taxis cooking, attending to gardens whatever you are preoccupying with, whatever you are preoccupying yourself with in this world But! it is not so. see, the conscious and subconscious mind are actually a diversion when you get to 'the core' which is me as the unconscious mind then you'll start actually realizing: But wait a minute there is something else going on here and there is and that is that In the continuing to believe and perceive that you are a 'mind' that you are the thoughts feelings and emotions that you've "experienced" know that 'your are - charing', everything else that existed in this world - rape, murder 'war' the government system, the justice system, the 'law' system the military- construct in this world "everything"! and this is what we're here to "press on you" to say to you: Listen! we have to 'stand up' each and every single human being have to stand up, 'and stop' because, there is no other way and there's no one and nothing else is going to come and save anything or anyone in this world we know! I am the mind. as is, the conscious and subconscious mind 'there is no ~ god', in this world, but us, at the moment (laugh) Stop being our slaves stop being enslaved to the mind and start, standing up and taking your power and do not accept and allow this world, to exists as the as it has been existing for a very long time thank you very much. this is the unconscious mind. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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