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Jagoya furu (Forced Marriage) a play Madou! Come here! I’m here! Come now! Soon the people of Kola will arrive! RIIINNNNNGGGGGG !!!!!! Good day! Good day! That goes to Kola. That goes too. We have been looking for you. Your husband’s family has come to get their bride. Leave my girl in peace! She will not go into this forced marriage! Father, Mom refused to let Aminata go. No! She will go to be married! Take your bride and bring her to Kola. It is me that decides what happens! RIIIINNNNGGGG !!!! Father, I’m going to go over to my work place. See! He has just married off my girl by force The time of the forced marriages is over, except for those that do not want to progress. I can only rely on God now. Say what you want woman, I am doing it. Good day to Kola. How is Aminata, the new bride behaving? I do not know. She has fled. I am not at all happy with this! Give me my money back now! I spent it all. - Very well, this deal is over before it started! I am going to teach you a lesson! Ahhh ! I’ve already used all the money! Ahhhh, He’s killing me ! Father, you were manhandled. Stop ! Stop ! Stop ! If you would have been here it would not have happened. - Aminata, your husband has beaten me! Where were you? He’s beaten you ? Yes, see there where he’s tried to kill me. Father, I told you that I did not want to get married by force. It is your fault. My girl, you are right, don’t worry now. Never again will I practice forced marriage. Now I will ask all the heads of family to abandon this practice of forced marriage.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 27 seconds
Country: Mali
Producer: Plan Mali, Malian Youth
Director: Malian Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Jan 5, 2009

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