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Yankor 4 - Space Colony and Large UFO

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Travels in Universe 4 - My Spacecraft 'Colony' (Yankor) good day all, this is Yankor continuing, with my experience and travels in the interdimensional existence before- everything 'stopped' how I- gathered my own spacecraft 'colony' is where I will be continuing I, in my little spacecraft that I inherited (laugh) from, Anu traveled as far and as wide as I possibly could and followed my own, curiosity about what I had learned in 'school' with Satya- of existence and so I traveled you know going investigating exploring, discovering you know but always from a distance, more- being an observant and then as I continued with my, travels explorations and discoveries I during those endeavors met up with some other 'beings' in the interdimensional existence who, also traveled alone the loners of existence (laugh) merely traveling exploring discovering, you know there was no reason or specific purpose it was just, interesting and fascinating it was a, momentary experience of freedom strange and, so I met up with some- seventeen beings you know who traveled all alone over existence during the same as what I did just wanting to experience that freedom of discovering and exploring existence, alone! and, we started getting together all seventeen of us and traveled together! now but this time, you know we went first to each other's existences to go and explore and discover and- and investigate and find out how each other experiences you know ourselves in our own existence or on our own planet or in our own city and I had my own di- 'diary' where I wrote- on a piece of script you know everything that I discovered, investigated found insightful, interesting fascinating you know so that my name could possibly also be placed in the library of Alcyone one day only to later discovered that everything that I had written was already there (laugh) but me, I don't enjoy just reading when I read something I always used to make a list when I was younger about I want go to this galaxy this universe this existence this planet this city or met- meet these people these beings, want to learn discover how do they do this how do they do that I wanted to do everything I didn't wanted to just sit and read about this stuff and it'd all happen in my imagination actually wanted to go out and do it and I had seventeen beings with the exact same passion as myself so one of these- seventeen being's 'great' grand father (laugh) it's not- it wasn't like great grand fathers or grand fathers or anything like that it was merely I'm placing it into perspective for human beings to kind of understand the lineage and the time frame etc. of beings that did exist anyway, so his great grand father dissipated now, you do die- in the dimensional existence you only have a certain period of 'time' to exist it's like god damn population control so (laugh) he dissipated and he had this huge, massive spacecraft and thank goodness one of the seventeen being's whose great grand father it was 'inherited' this spacecraft yay for us, so all seventeen of us had our one huge big spacecraft this was our first, and only- spacecraft - huge so, with this spacecraft we just traveled more now this time we could travel even further than we have before because previously we only had- we had a certain limited distance, travel capability with this spacecraft that we had, with this one we're able to jump time go into past present, future etc it is quite fascinating only to discover later that even if we did jump into the future it was all controlled environment and that I will explain later so in essence you know, in terms of my experience I thought everything was all blissfully perfect in any and all existences you know we had fun we explored investigated and discovered and, had that sense of 'freedom' safety protection there was nothing that ever really bothered any of us because there were so much to do in terms of the amount of 'time' we had to live, it was unlimited you know there wasn't unlimited from a perspective that there was unlimited and vast existences to go and explore and you'd never get bored, that was impossible if, anyone uttered the words: I am bored well, you know after having exploring or during even exploring everything in existence there would be if there were mental institution in the (laugh) dimensional existence they would probably be placed in there now in terms of the boredom that I had, you know on my own planet you know that's valid (laugh) because then you have this one planet this one city the same beings you see all the time others were content with that but me - nah I wanted to go out there and everything that Satya, taught us in terms of all the other universes existences planets cities races I was intrigued It was like there was a spark of fire ignited inside me and I just had to go there and I followed this passion, 'with a passion' (smile) and but the most fascinating race, for me personally were the Draconians they were really interesting beings beautiful creatures you know the dragons that you have in your- tales you know tales like fairly tales or I don't know beliefs etc. ok, this is Yankor I'll continue with the- my 'favorite race' that was in existence the Draconians, in my next interview thank you Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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