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Bauhaus 28.2.19 (with TC)

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Dwelling 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Ready or not, here I come! Amy! Amy? Amy... Here I am! Okay... Yay, it burst! <i>Look how the girls fool around over there.</i> <i>Just like Nitza and Racheli used to.</i> <i>I remember.</i> <i>They hung out with all their friends</i> <i>in the large, inner courtyard.</i> <i>There were no worries.</i> <i>We simply went out to the balcony</i> <i>and watched them play.</i> Girls! Girls, get over here! <i>-There was no bomb shelter.</i> <i>-That's right.</i> <i>In the Arab-Israeli War,</i> <i>we used to crouch down the cellar,</i> <i>remember?</i> <i>All the neighbors were there.</i> <i>We filled bags with sands</i> <i>as protection against the bombings.</i> <i>Do you remember</i> <i>the Haganah headquarters downstairs?</i> <i>Of course I do.</i> <i>Levi Eshkol lived below us.</i> <i>He always brought us eggs and oranges</i> <i>so the girls would have more to eat.</i> <i>Back then people helped one another,</i> <i>unlike today.</i> <i>These blocks, these buildings</i> <i>with their inner courtyards,</i> <i>created a more communal form of living.</i> Shir! Shir? I have to go. -Bye. Shir, where are you? Shir, honey! There you are. Come on. We must go pick up Grandma and visit Nitza. Let's go. You know where I found old photos of Mom and Dad? At the apartment on Frishman St. Just when Shir needs to... -I have a few photos as well. -I really want to see them. This is the same building you live in today. Back then, the idea was creating a sense of community. -Right. -Now it's just random buildings everywhere. -Each person to himself. -Right, a tall building -where you hardly meet your neighbors. -Right, because... -There's an elevator. -An elevator. Before we manage to say anything, we reach the next floor. Look, Shir, this is me. It's funny, but this is me. This is Chen and I. -That's our house, Shir. -Right. Your balcony. <i>They say that the building</i> <i>where we lived</i> <i>was inspired by the Bauhaus style.</i> <i>It's really ugly, like a block.</i> <i>This is actually the purpose</i> <i>hidden in the term Bauhaus,</i> <i>a building built for functionality</i> <i>rather than estheticism.</i> <i>The Bauhaus was a movement</i> <i>brought to Tel Aviv from Germany</i> <i>by architects who studied in Germany</i> <i>prior to World War II,</i> <i>and then had to flee.</i> <i>The most well-known was Arieh Sharon,</i> <i>who built this neighborhood.</i> <i>It is thanks to him that Tel Aviv</i> <i>is known as The White City.</i> <i>In planning these buildings,</i> <i>Sharon meant for them to serve</i> <i>the basic needs of the public,</i> <i>in which life took place outside,</i> <i>in a shared courtyard,</i> <i>where the grocery store was also located.</i> <i>But with all due respect,</i> <i>couldn't they build</i> <i>more pretty-looking buildings?</i>

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