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Medcezir 30 part 4 English subs

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I left Yes mum Mira, is Beren with you? if if you're my brother is home Selim Ok please notify me if I leave not going to go anywhere if something happens It is good if you do not go, I'll have dinner with two journalists and go home, a home to meet Okay, see you later Good night Going to the resturant? -Yes which is in my way I'll take Of course, okay Sure, maybe I killed another man, suspected They want counterpart, had his enemies? We must see that It could also be a possibility What do you mean Yaman? I don't know, it's not clear you were very beautiful there last night Is that so? Look, man, last night was stupid, I was drunk and angry This means that you must understand, try adding a little of the situation last night I was very stupid Okay Please Ender I see that now Maybe somethingbad can happen to you What I can do? I will be happy and satisfied because nothing happened to me and happened to the man? Of course, no who has two children, so far I can not believe that oh god, what is that land? In the safety of her head, Allah bless him, May Allah make its wide tomb ?? Thank you, may Allah bless him if you need anything —Okay, I'll call. Thanks for coming Nadir send a news with the man, he want his money Didnt you say it's complete? It's not completed yet . The corpse is on the ground don't worry , the table is strong —first , the corpse will get out from the land , after that the money There is must be someone who knows that the man will go to the land ..or a person that he is trusting him at limit that he is turning his back to him Enough sherlook, my heart got annoyed hearing the theories of crimes same — Don't say that, there is no crime that is not solved it's strange , On the basis of you are afraid from dead people don't say dead , don't say that Are you glooming on me ? —No good because I must be the one to gloom on you I will not answer on this you went and saw leyla, You changed your mood, what happened? Are you relieved? I can't believe that you are saying the same thing Yaman , you are consisting to say that it's jealously, I can't make you believe whatever I say You are not jealous? that could be sometimes, Even that I'm right in most of my jealousy. But really this time I didn't went to see leyla then what was you doing there from the early morning before the crows wake up? because there was something that I should have to take in it with my dad Yaman , because really it was something very important I should take in it with my dad and because I'm thinking in this, I was not in a condition that I thought if leyla stayed there or not What happened? Does you father have a problem? No, this time the problem is with my mom Come here my mom was thinking that mr. Asim will ask her to marry him Are they together? Yes, probably close has occured My mom explained to me once in a clear way , I am explaining this to not be something secret between us and to not misunderstand each others in vein Anyway , my mom yesterday saw mr. Asim with his ex-girlfriend again, eating together in the club and on the close table Sedef and my father can you imagine that ? It's a double blow . For that reason my mom came in a very bad condition yesterday, it's a normal thing her nerves damaged Even probably she got drunk a little , for that reason kenan brought her home ♫Translations and Subtitles by team♫ Good morning — Good morning Whats up? Cars in last models and something like that. Who goes there get high Who can't go there let's it's burn on his problems Did we became like that now? how was we? The last thing that I remember is that you was about to kill Ayse my daughter I was in jail , in jail —oh god leave that You throw the girl and the baby that was inside her immediately, now leave her in comfort at least , the mood of the girl is in it place , as we know She is meeting Kenan again, right? I don't know Look at me girl, don't lie on me , say the truth to me what is happening to you ? Are you foolish or another that ? Wish that Kenan can give her another chance so they'll be together again The man work is in it place , he is a straight man and Ayse's mood is in it place , can we know what will happen from now ? For that reason don't follow her from now By the way don't stop me again in the way and talk , I swear I am not like Ayse , I'll pick up your throat in two minutes Hasan bro . I am pressing on the button bro and let Kenan know where he will stand from now bro I will not enter my nose my lion, ,you know, lets see like that Really you are so nice , there is no need for this gift . I will suspend a panel and i will write in it that the landscape of the place has been applied through Orkun Civanoglu don't make fun of , really I want to help in what you need until the opening thank you dear Orkun , you are apologizing in a very classy way I don't want to loose a value friendship Is he making any problems? Who? Kenan? Hasan didn't said a good news about him , if he is staying because of Yaman, let's we find a solution Everyone here is pleased from his life , thank you . If I wasn't pleased from him, I would let him go Okay, you know I'm also hearing the same things about yours but you seem to be pleased He is helping me in Tuzludere .....Anyway I will not busy you what happened ? Why you are glommed ? Everything is coming together what happened ? Or could it be Jamal is not coming? He is coming next week , he was face to face with Lance that means he is appear , it's good news We will see if it's good or bad , he said that he want to meet me Is there a possibility that he does not accept the divorce? — I don't know God damn it, If he don't appear for many more weeks , then it will solve by itself. What a luck Haven't they find the weapon of the crime yet ? Have you been combing the area completely? Did the autopsy report come? And what is the result? I am thinking from the last night , the killer maybe a Servant go away —I swear from now the is a pattern saying that the killer is the servant, there is nobody that comes in my mind, for me we should put this probability too ... Dont do that Kids, don't leave Selim alone today , please —Don't worry , we are here Don't let him get out from home let him relaxes his head a little He don't even put the telephone from his hand, as he is working in checking the incident place Okay..If you find something that dissipated his head, if anything happened tell me immediately , come on I'm going have a good day — mom, mom, mom by the way , let us not miss this in our difficult days , it came to my mind when I said checking the incident place , is there any news from the doctor ? No — When will it appear , do you know ? there is still a four days —oh god , why these days not passing ? Mert , your mind is very confused , please concentrate on your dad now . Good bye when it come , so it's come this sequentially. God protect us from the worst Really I am as Eylül saying sometimes , sometimes I'm talking like an old woman Are these Selim bros? —No Where did you find it? —It came from the car luggage Selim bro is coming Dad, where? I will get out for walking a little kids — ok we're also will coming I gave up, I'm upstairs Let's we play. Let's prepare championship and eagerly compete —don't approach from me but it's a legendary game , come on like the previous days Mom please leave this thing to me Why? Let it be hey mrs. Elif my grandpa is free ? — I will see , he should be free Elif , thank you — You're welcome Hi, my dear grandpa may it be good ? You don't pass to this company ever . You came to meet Yaman ? No i came for another thing the glasses is very suitable It stayed on my eyes I came here to talk with you. Actually I brought something to you, I'm thinking that you should see this What is it? Open and see it , maybe you will not like it . But I risked in this and I know that doing this was completely my decision I don't understand anything from this close words DNA test Did you analyzed the DNA without telling me ? it's not " we " my dear grandpa , you , I , who's analysis. Ada don't know that too just to know you. In the end we don't care. You decided of course you are including this lewdness too , sure Selim's finger in this matter no baba , no one knows expect 3 of us my grandpa please don't be nervous and hear what I will hear ? While I am trying to do exercises to get rid of Reyhan Arsen traps my daughter and my grandson preparing a trap on me really it's not a trap or something like that I understand well your asking for the DNA test from the beginning , you are a string businessman and with a big family The company that left is a heritage from your father and you made it bigger , who's know the difficulties of this it couldn't imagine just an imagine . I will not allow to anyone to hurt this company and this family dear dad, no one is trying to hurt you or hurt us Really? Yes, I understanding very well to be your first tendency is to protect you and your family , but Ada is also your daughter You don't have to protect your family from her , if it's needed you will protect her because she is a part from your family from now . You can't refuse this if you are remembering she said in a clear way in the last meeting for us that she don't want to be a part from this family yes, maybe she did said this but you are knowing from now that she is your real daughter We will love her whatever gets . Maybe you can love her, in this you will make a step towards her like a man now maybe you are not loving me it's clear from your face but think just a little we will meet in the evening By the way Ada is in Istanbul She don't know anything about the test , but know that I called her to the opening this evening too, Just so you know I have good and bad news Say the good news first , say it Atalay basically my inside is completely dark the good news that the police find the weapon of the crime — what you are saying ? Where ? They didn't share the information yet but they are so close to find the killer Oh, I'm relaxed very much and the bad news? the informations about the place of the threats calls — where ? They determinate that the call was done from this congregation What? they called from a very near place from you mr. Selim We came — Welcome I want from the person that touching the hair of Hollywood stars to touch my hair I took a theory from now girls , if you wash your hair in a cold water it's shining more there is no escape —Then don't far your eyes from my eyes Jamal is going My dad hasnt come Mert didn't left to him a chance , he said everything However there is hope inside me Don't care, don't bother yourself , enjoy the success of your sister Really it became very beautiful Good evening Faruk and Sedef became good partners

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