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RE - Week 3

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Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly you're wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. Thank you! Well, good day and welcome! I'm just pumped, fired up to share God's word with you today. What an honor it is to fill in for our Senior Pastor Craig, who is on a well-deserved holiday. Let me tell you, he works harder than anyone I know, until I called him up and said, Mate, can you help me with this message? And so, graciously he did. And I just want to ask you to give it up to our Senior Pastor for what he brings in leadership and teaching every week. A true man of God! He's actually one of the most sought after speakers on Christian leadership on the planet. He travels the world and we are so blessed to have him each and every week. And on a personal note, as a father and as a husband, to see my family pursuing Christ, to see my kids on fire for Jesus, words can't describe the gratitude I have to Craig and the leadership team at LifeChurch, to see what God is doing in us as a family. It's just something I can't put into words. And also, I want to celebrate what God is doing at LifeChurch. I mean, it's not normal to have this growth, to have this blessing, to have so many people come to Christ, so many lives being changed, campuses and network churches, and it all comes down to the One who gave it all. So, all of our network churches and campuses, can we give it up to our God? We celebrate His favor, His blessings, it's because of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! And we are excited to share God's word. Today, we are in a series called RE, where we are talking about some of the most important words in the Bible that start with the letter r and the letter e. And today, I've got a beauty for you, the word is renew. And this word honestly has impacted my life in a significant way. I believe it will impact you. I believe this word today is a word in season for our church because so many of us have lost the principle, the truth in God's word when it comes to renewal. And so, when we go through life, we notice that things wear out, don't they? Everything seems to wear out, our lawnmower, maybe a pair of jeans. Maybe you've got that favorite pair of jeans and you just love them, right? You wear them and they fit and all of a sudden they're wearing out and you've got holes in them. You've got holes in the back and you're thinking, Can I still wear them to church? No, you can't! Keep them out! Maybe ladies, you've got a pair of shoes and they're just your favorite shoes, they go with all of your outfits, right, but they're getting scuffed up and so you've got a colored marker and you've colored them in to get a couple more months of life out of them! Or, maybe you've got an old, run down, bomb of a car. I had a car a while back, and this thing was a piece of junk man! It had over 200,000 miles on it, nothing worked, but I'm a David Ramsey fan! Any David Ramsey fans out there? Come on Dave, act your wage, debt-free! He's a financial gurus if you don't know Dave, and he's not into debt at all. And so, Bonnie and I have never had a car payment in 17-years of marriage and I wasn't about to start. The problem was, this car was a piece of junk. I didn't want to spend any money on it. So, I just drove it into the ground basically. Until one day, I was coming to work and it started to snow and the heater goes out! And so, snow starts to accumulate on the windshield and I can't see. And so I'm thinking, What do I do? Well, I stuck my head out the window in this snow storm, right? And I've got snow just hitting my face and all of the snow is accumulating on my eyebrows and my saliva's turning to icicles and my face is locked up and I couldn't see the lights behind me! I don't know how long the police officer had been following me, but it wasn't until he put his siren on that I heard it. By now, I'm not a David Ramsey fan at all, I hate the guy! You know, Dave Ramsey you suck, you know! I need a new car! What were you thinking driving this bomb! So, the police officer comes up and he looks at me and he says, Sir, what are you doing driving down the road with your head out the window? And by now, my face is frozen solid and I can't talk! I'm like, I'm trying to talk to him and explain that Dave Ramsey doesn't believe...and the guy says, Miles, my Pastor? Oh, you've got to be kidding me? The only officer in town that goes to my church and here he's pulled me over! I was so embarrassed! But I had run that vehicle into the ground! I had driven it until there was nothing left and that's how so many of us treat our spiritual life. We run it into the ground. We don't renew, we don't refresh, and we just go hard and fast and we don't realize that often we are exhausted, we're overwhelmed, we are just spiritually inconsistent. We've driven our spiritual life into the ground. So, we are going to talk about what does the Bible say about being renewed. Now, when it comes to material things we can replace them right, jeans or a shirt? But when it comes to living things, we can't replace them, you can't replace your kids. We may think about it, but we can't right? We've got our kids forever, so what do we do about living things, relationships? God wants to renew relationships, God wants to continue to renew your relationship with Him. And maybe today you walk into church and you're a bit like me, you're just a little bit spiritually inconsistent, you know, you're kind of hot and cold a little bit. One moment you're reading the Bible and the next you're not real spiritually consistent, not really on your game all of the time. Anybody like me out there, a little spiritually inconsistent? What about a little worn out, you're just tired, man you're just physically you're run down, you're almost just, I need a break, I'm a little tired! You're just physically a little worn out, anybody out there? You're strength is just not at it's peak where it's been? Well today, there's a verse in Colossians 3:10, and it really sums up what we're talking about today. It says: Put on... Say that with me, it says: Put on... Let's really get into this Scripture today, it says: Put on your new nature, and be... What? Say it with me, and... renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become... What? ...and become like Him. That is the goal of life, that we would become like Him. That we would put on that new nature, that we would be renewed, that we would become like Him. The Greek word for renew means to make like new, it means to give new strength, it means to refresh. You can write that down if you're taking notes. Listen to these words, to renovate, to rejuvenate, to almost start again. It's this life source, it's renewal. And what's interesting is we see renewal everywhere in life. Our body, it sleeps at night doesn't it? We give it some sleep and it refreshes. We see renewal as day turns to night. We see renewal in the seasons, how we go into autumn and we go into winter, and there's this renewal in nature. Jesus Himself withdrew to be refreshed when He was on earth. God, the Almighty Creator of the universe rested Himself on the seventh day. And so, renewal is all around us, except in us. And it's almost like it's a lost art, we've forgotten how to be renewed. Maybe it's the culture, maybe we've got so much going on, we're so busy; but we've lost the truth of renewal. And to put on is what Colossians says the new nature, to put on means to sink into clothing. It means to clothe oneself. What a beautiful picture of being renewed, it says to put on. I don't know if you had a mother like me, but she had all of these sayings and one of them was, Son, don't go outside unless you've got good undies on! Any mothers out there say that to your kids? Why would you say such a thing? Well, because it's true! My first night in the U.S. I got caught in my undies. Here's what happened: I read a book on Christian business. I was so impressed with this book, I called up the author. I said, Mate, I love your book, it's awesome! Can I meet you? He said, Sure, come on over! You can stay with me above my house! What a nice guy, I'm thinking! So, I flew into the states with my wife, my 6-month-old daughter. I was so passionate about learning more from this author and I stayed at his house. Well, the very first night we were jet lagged and it was three in the morning and we look outside and oh, there was this white wonderland floating down from heaven! You see, in Australia my wife had never seen snow in her life! The closest thing to snow is your freezer up in North Queensland! And we went outside and it was so beautiful! I was in my undies and she was in a nightie! We were like, Look at this winter wonderland, it's beautiful! And we were just dancing! And how beautiful the big snowflakes are! And we were out there for quite a while, I was getting cold. So I go, Well honey, let's go back in and we'll watch from the inside. So, we turned around and opened the door. Uh oh, the door is locked! And I'm thinking, Honey, we'll just tough it out till morning! We'll just suck it up, we'll just hang in there! I mean, it's only three hours right, till sun's up! They'll have breakfast, we'll knock on the door, we'll be good! And so, we're just hanging in there. Ten seconds later I'm thinking, This isn't working, I need plan B! We're doing jumping jacks, you know, we're trying to stay warm. Finally I said, Honey, I've got to ring the ding dong on the door bell downstairs. So, I run down to his front door and I hit the ding dong. Nothing, nothing, the guy must be in a coma or something, wouldn't wake up! By now, hypothermia has set in! You know, I'm freezing! So, I jump the fence in the backyard and there's this dog. I'm running laps around the backyard, trying to find his window to his house and so I jump on the window seal at the window of his bed. I'm crying on the door, Let me in! And he looks up with eyes as big as saucers and he's thinking, Who is this crazy Australian with his undies on knocking on my bedroom window? Could you imagine what that would have looked like? Yet, so often I think as Christians that's how we look. We're desperate, we're running around just survival, life is coming at us, we've got problems, we've got issues, we're in survival mode. We're reacting to life, rather than being proactive. We're desperate, we're disillusioned. We don't know where to turn and we haven't learned the art of clothing ourselves. We haven't learned the art of putting on our new nature. It's something as Christians we do everyday, where we say, God, I'm a new creation. God, you've bought me with a price, I am yours. God, help me today, I surrender my life. God, I'm yours, guide me, direct me. God, help me! I put on your nature, I want to be like you! And it's almost like a firefighter or a nurse, or a police officer. When they put on their uniform this confidence comes, this security comes, this inner strength from wearing that uniform. And that's what happens when we step in to who we are in Christ. There's this confidence, there's this faith, there's this boldness that comes as we renew ourselves. But renewal can only occur when we stay connected to the Life Source. Let me say that again, renewal can only occur when we are connected to the Life Source. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches. It's a lot like my little tomato plant here. So much of life and this is what the enemy wants to do, is to disconnect us from the Life Source. So what happens? We get busy, we get distracted. We get so busy and caught up in life that we lose sight of being renewed day by day with the Life Source. And so, today I want to talk to us about renewal, how do we renew? What does renewing look like? What will God renew in you? Well, if you're taking notes, you can write this down: God will renew your spirit. Now, many of you acknowledged earlier that you were a little spiritually inconsistent, just like me. Well today, we are going to sink into the consistency of Christ, and God will renew you today. King David, one of the most written about great men of God in the Bible. A man with a heart after God, the Bible says. He suffered from spiritual inconsistency. He was in a phase of his life where he was just almost, you can hear in his writing there was this self loathing this, God, help me! And he cries out in Psalms 51 these words, he says: Create in me a pure heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Steadfast means to be firm, it means to be stable, it means to be grounded. And when you step into Christ, he'll make your faith firm, your walk stable, your beliefs grounded. And David cried out this prayer, God, create in me a clean heart, when he had just committed adultery. He had just committed murder. You know, a man with a heart after God, how could he have been so inconsistent spiritually? And he cries out, 'God would you help me? God would you change me? God create in me a clean heart!' It was interesting that God did a renewal in David's life in the middle of his brokenness. Maybe today, some of you are going through some pain, you're going through some brokenness. And all you see is hurt, all you see is suffering, maybe even hopelessness when you look at your situation. What you don't see is what God did in David, He can do in you today, He can renew you. And what you don't see is God wants to renew your heart, God wants to take you in that broken state and make something new and something beautiful. God did it with David, He can do it with you. Here's why; in Psalm 57, just six Psalms later, here's David, and he cries out: My heart is... What? My heart is steadfast..., It's firm, it's stable, it's grounded. ...O God, my heart is steadfast... He says it again, he says: ...I will sing and make music. And some of you need to know that you too can be steadfast. God can renew that steadfast spirit in you; grounded, firm, stable. And this renewal process often happens in a broken state. It's a little bit like a renovation that you do in your home. Has anybody done a renovation in your bathroom or your kitchen, or renovated a house? Who knows that a renovation process in the beginning is painful and ugly? What happens is you pull all of the old stuff out, you pull the old cabinets out, the old tile out. And renovations, they always seem to cost more and take longer, and the contractor is never there when you need him, he's taken the money and run somewhere, and you're stepping over junk and sheet rock dust everywhere. It's a mess, because you've got to pull the old out. And maybe God wants to pull your old nature out of you today. Maybe there's some things in your life and part of the renewal process is ripping out some of that old stuff, like David did, God, create in me a clean heart. But the problem is, we get disillusioned often. In the middle of that renovation process we say, God, it's too hard! or, God, it's too messy! You know, you come home and you've got no plumbing, nothing works, you've got nowhere to shower and you want to quit and give up. But, something has to happen for the renovation process to occur. That's the old that has to come out and I'm telling you it's worth it, because when you allow that renovation process, something spectacular can be made. And God wants to do something spectacular in your life. He wants to renew you, He wants to refresh you, He wants to make something beautiful. Just like a new kitchen or a new bathroom, He wants to do something spectacular in your life when you allow it. But so often our prayers in life is, God, would you change the circumstance! Who knows what I mean? God, would you change my boss! If you just gave me a better boss everything would be alright! God, if you'd just change my spouse, we'd be good to go! Don't say amen to me because your spouse might be listening! God, if you'd just change my kids! God, if you'd just help me land a deal! God, if you'd just bring in another check! God, if I could just pay this bill this week, everything would be fine! Yet, renewal starts internally. And King David cries out, 'God, renew my heart.' God would you change me? God would you give me patience? God, would you break me, would you change me? God, our prayers are could you change my inside. Renovation, renewal starts on the inside, where we say, God, change my heart, I want to be like you! God, give me patience, give me love, give me grace. God, change me from the inside out! That's where renewal starts, in that broken state where we call on God and say, God, help me to be like you! God will renew your spirit and God will renew your strength. You can write that down. God will renew your strength. When I think of having a break, getting refreshed, usually I'm thinking, I want to go on a vaca, on a holiday, get out of town! But I've got five kids! And whenever I go on a vacation, maybe like you, I come back more wore out, more stressed out, I've got more bills to pay, I've got more work, there's a mountain of work that I haven't done, and there's not a time for me to refresh. We often love to go home to our homeland in Australia. And I've got five kids; a beautiful daughter and then four boys, great young men of God between the ages of ten and two. When we walk into the aircraft, I can see the look in the hostess's eyes, God, I hope they're not in my section! I just hope they keep walking! They look at my kids and I got back packs and I've got drinks and I've got stuff everywhere! And we're walking in and then my boys, they're everywhere all at once! They're climbing up over the seat and in the lap of the person behind, pressing the buttons to get the stewardess, they have the lights on, lights off, they're climbing up into the overhead! They love going to the toilet and going vacant, not vacant. They're just running around playing games and tag in the middle of the isle! Once, one of my kids got caught on the carousel, he thought it was a ride! He nearly went through those black flaps and would have probably ended up in Singapore or something! So, I grabbed him and finally he got off, but my kids were everywhere! So, this lovely lady, she was the hostess there on the aircraft, she said, Sir, your children need to be seated at all times! I said, Lady look, the seat belt light is not on! She said, No, they can't congregate in the isle, they need to be seated. And I said, Ma'am, do you have kids? She said, No, I don't. I said, Okay, when you have had four boys from the ages of ten to two, you can tell me about strapping them in for a fourteen hour flight... That's how long it is! ...And I will listen to you. Until then, why don't you go make someone some coffee for someone over there? I mean, I've got these boys, they're everywhere! It is not relaxing going on a holiday with the Paludan family! We often visit the hospital, a couple of times, something breaks! You know, we ruin something, and so I come back more stressed out than I left, when I go on a vacation. So, how do we renew our strength? How do we refresh in this busy life that we live in? Well, Isaiah 40:31 says this, it says: ...but those who... What? Say it with me: ...those who hope in the LORD... They will what? ...they will renew their strength.... Listen to these words of Isaiah: ...They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. But those who hope in the LORD; hope means to wait, it means to linger, it means to look for. I want to encourage you today, I don't know how wore out you're feeling or where you're at, but God wants to renew and refresh you. You can run and not grow weary, you can walk and not faint, you can wait upon the Lord and go stronger, the Bible says. When you are connected to the Source, He will renew you. It's not just a physical strength, God can renew your spiritual strength and you can rise above the winds of resistance that come your way when you are renewed through the Source, which is Christ. God wanted to teach this vital principle to His people, the Israelites, early on. That's why He wrote this verse. The Israelites were actually entering into a 170-year period of trouble and trials and tribulations when Isaiah wrote this verse. God was kind of setting them up, was explaining to them that even in the hard times, God can renew your strength. God wanted to teach these principles into His people in such a profound way and I think we've lost the art of renewal. I want to explain that very important concept through God's Word right now. In the Old Testament, when the children of Israel came out of 400 years of slavery with Pharaoh in Egypt, He fed them through manna. Now manna, they've done some scientific studies, they've gone back 4,000 years, they say it's a lot like Chick-fil-A today! I just love Chick-fil-A! And so, God wanted to teach them to be dependent on Him. God wanted to teach them to stay connected to the Life Source, which is Him. God wanted to teach them to stay connected daily, and so manna, you can only get enough for one day supply. If you got more than a one day supply, it would rot and turn to maggots overnight. Nasty, I know! God wanted to instill into His people how vital it is to renew. And then, on the last day, on the sixth day, you could actually get two day's supply of manna because God created the Sabbath. He gave us the Ten Commandments and the fourth one is the best Commandment of all. It says, 'Thou shalt have a day off!' How cool is our God that says, 'Have a day off! That's a commandment!' And so on that day, He says in Exodus 20:8: Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it... What? Say it with me: ...keeping it holy... That means set apart. ...You have six days each week for ordinary work, but the seventh day is the day of Sabbath... A day of what? ...a day of rest dedicated to the Lord your God. God wanted to teach His people that we need to renew by waiting on Him, by dedicating time, by resting. Now, in today's day and age we think that is impossible. For me, I work on Sunday, so my day off is Friday, that's my Sabbath. Yet, so often my Friday becomes a catch up day. Anybody know what I mean? It's the catch up of the emails, it's the honey-do list, it's all of those things you haven't done in the six. And when was the last time you just rested, you just lingered, you just held your kids and just looked into their eyes, you just waited on the Lord, you just took time and dedicated time to Him to be refreshed? We think that we can't because there's too much we have to do, but let me tell you the truth of God's words, His ways are always higher than ours. Chick-fil-A happens to be a company that operates with a Sabbath, they have Sunday's off. They generate more money per square foot in six days than their competitors do in seven. And the owner, Mr. Cathy, when asked about the Sabbath, he said these words, he says, I feel it's the best business decision I've ever made! So here's the point, when we operate under God's guidelines and principles, what He brings to the table far outweighs what anyone of us could do work in our lifetime. What God can do in one day outweighs what we can do in a lifetime. When we do it God's way, He can do far more in six days when we wait upon Him, when we dedicate time to Him, when we set time outside to be refreshed and renewed, than we could ever do working all day or night ourselves. The enemy knows this, that's why he wants to keep us busy, that's why he wants to keep us distracted, that's why he hates this message. Some of you, you need to hear this message today, that you need to set time aside to renew yourself in the Lord, to put on the clothing of Christ, the new nature, to spend time in the word, to spend time worshiping, to spend time sitting. I'm not saying work harder, it's the opposite. It's sit in His presence, it's to linger, it's to wait, it's to look to, it's to be refreshed. God wants to refresh you today, and just like David God can renew you. God's spirit can do something that we can't. And the reason this message is so important to me is I've lived it and I've lost the art of renewal and it almost ruined me. You see, six years ago when I came on staff at LifeChurch, I'd been in the business world for many years and I didn't know what to expect coming on as a pastor. I kind of thought, Man, I don't really know what they do all day. I thought they just listened to K-love and worshiped and had a coffee and went one day of the week! I thought, What a great gig, I'm in! And I had no idea how difficult it is, it's the most challenging, yet the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life, to be involved in the local church. I love it, it is the hope of the world sharing God's word. But honestly, there is so much hurt, there is so much to do. In those early years, I just wanted to be there for my people. I wanted to be that shepherd that you could call on. I went to the counselings and the funerals and the weddings. I was there for the kid's t-ball matches, man I was everywhere! But there was so many of you that I couldn't keep up, and what happened is I got disconnected from the Source. And actually working as a church took me away from my relationship with God. Let me say that again, working for the church took me away from my relationship with God. Maybe today, man you've been working hard, even on something good; maybe a ministry, maybe a family, but it's taken you away from God. God is saying, 'Come back to me today.' God is saying, 'I want to renew you.' God is saying, 'I want to refresh you.' God is saying, 'I am the Source, I want to bless you, I want to give you so much more than you could ever dream, think or imagine, but if you're out there doing your own thing disconnected, how can I connect with you?' And so, it wasn't until I came to a point where, I'm done, man I was burnt out, I was worn out, I had nothing left to give, I was running on empty. I said, Enough is enough, I can't do it! It was in that broken state that God said, 'Alright boy, come on, I've got your attention son, now come on. I want to renew you, I want to refresh you.' See, how can I help others if I'm depleted myself? How can I add value to someone else if I'm not filled up? If I'm not connected to the Source, how on earth am I supposed to guide and teach and lead and serve others? The critical thing in life is staying connected to the Source where we can be renewed and we can become like Him. So that now I can add value to others so I have got something to give. I can give a word of wisdom or a word of encouragement, because I'm connected to the Source. And for you, you might be burnt out, you might be tired. I want you to hear this Scripture today in Matthew 11:28, it says: Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and over burdened..., Let me say that again, come to me; I want you to think that God is saying to you right here, right now, come to me. Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and over burdened, and I will give you... What? ...and I will give you rest. I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls. God is here, you are in this place for this reason to say, God, I want to come to you. God is calling you and as a church and a crazy culture where we're running so busy doing so much, it's time that we say yes to God, I'm going to come to you. I realize you are the Source, I want to reconnect, I want to be renewed, I want to do it daily. Not, I've got to work harder, but God, I've got to be re-encouraged, I've got to be refreshed, rejuvenated, renovated, renewed in your presence. Let's pray. God, I thank you for your word, how real it is, how relevant it is. Those Scriptures can speak to each one of us today. Church, I want us to mean business with God today. I pray this has been a little wake-up call for you like it has been for me. And if you're a Christ follower and you realize you're not renewing like you should, that God is calling you back to spend time with Him, God wants to refresh you, God wants to pour great things into you; but that only happens when we connect with Him, when we spend time with Him, when we just sit in His presence and linger. You may be wore out, you may be spiritually inconsistent, you may be tired, and today is the day where you're going to say, God, I'm coming back, I want to be refreshed. God will do something supernatural and spiritual. He will respond to you as you step out in faith, I guarantee it. So, at all of our churches and network churches, if that's you, you want to be refreshed, you want to be renewed, just raise your hand up and say, Yes, that's me! All across the room, raise your hand up and say, Yes, I want to be refreshed! I put my hand up and say, God, I want to reconnect. God refresh me! Father, I pray for those who raised their hands, do something supernatural by your power, by your spirit. God, you did it with David, you can do it with us. God renew us, refresh us. Help us to learn the principle of renewal God, and to refresh ourselves in your presence. Still praying today, I want to pray for those of you who don't know Christ. You see, renewal starts with relationship with the Almighty God. You may have been playing church, you may have been coming and going. You may be working real hard. You may have just found yourself, what am I doing in church today? God has brought you here. That verse is for you where it says, Come to me! God knows you by name, He knows your thoughts, He knows how many hairs are on your head, He's called you for this purpose, that you would be renewed. That starts with surrender and a relationship in the Almighty God. And Jesus died and He rose again to pay the price for your sin, because it's your sin that separates us all from God, but by His love and His mercy we can be forgiven today. The Bible says that if you call on the name of Jesus you can be saved. And He is saying, 'Would you come to me? Would you be renewed? Would you surrender your life?' You're here for this moment! That's why God has brought you here. At all of our churches, would you boldly raise your hand right now and say, Yes! I want to surrender, I want to give my life to Christ, I want to be renewed, I want to be changed! Just boldly raise your hand. If that's you, that's why you're here for this moment to say yes to Him, Take my life, be my Lord, be my Savior and change me into your likeness. Church, I want us to pray this prayer that starts that renewal process. I want us all to pray this prayer together. Let's pray. Jesus, I am a sinner, I need a Savior. Forgive me of my sins. Renew me, change me to be more like you. I want to follow you, I want to serve you all of the days of my life. I pray in Jesus' name. Everybody said?

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RE - Week 3 - Miles Pauldin -

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