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31 Minutos El Ruido

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What interesting news did you bring us today Juan Carlos? Tulio, I had a serious problem in my ears last week that had me very, very nervous. Let’s role the video. There is something that has me crazy this week and I can’t find out what it is. Second, second. The pond to the pound. My mom, my mom, my mom is lost. And the great carrot said "convert" and the carrot will come and you won’t be there. Bones, I sell bones, delicious bones. And you are a rabbit. Repent, Rabbit. The carrot will come, and you didn’t obey. Listen to me Rabbit, I’m telling you. I thought my head was going to explode, and i almost die. In the weekly meeting, all I could hear was a buzzing. But, can I know what are you talking about, please? Can you speak a little more clear? But louder and clearer, please, I can’t hear a thing. Shut up! Dr. Demetrio Largo was the one who found out about the problem. My head and stomach hurt, i feel tired and I’ve been in a very bad mood. And also, I have a terrible ringing in my ear. A ringing in your ear you said? Excuse me? A ringing in your ear. Yes, a ringing in my ear. That’s really bad, you have stress due to the noise. What? Stress because of the noise! Juan Carlos, say: "A" "A". "A". "A". "E". "E". "E". "E". "U". "U". "Wiriri". "Wiriri". We are at the the noisiest Street of Santiago. Here the noise is really unbearable. He is Tono The Dog that works measuring the noise. Noise is the contaminant more common and it is defined as an annoying sound to whoever hears it. Noise is measured in decibels; the decibel is the unit of measurement of sound. This is a sound meter. The sound meter measures the noise in decibels. To avoid hearing problems, the regular level is 55 decibels. In this Street the sound meter marks a lot more. Tell me, Manina, in which way does the noise affect you? It is very hard for me to focus, Juan Carlos. I can’t hear teacher, that’s why i get low grades, i also have trouble studying and because of the noise i have to Yell to my classmates. What? That they can’t hear me. Who makes the most noise? Buses and taxis. By who? Buses and taxis! My cousin Willie Nelson Bodoque drives a bus. Being a bus driver I have to be on the streets all day, and since there is a lot of buses, we have to accelerate, slow down, have a competition, that plus the claxon and the radio on the whole day. People that likes to yell. It is terrible!

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31 Minutos El Ruido

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