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Hi~ what are you looking at is CoolMessenger server. And here is the way you can get your server started. Server management and server registration. And here, you will be asked to input your company name and the license key. When you input your license key, you can simply copy it and paste it on here. Administrator information is also required. For example, you need to give your name of the administrator and email address. After you have filled that all the information, please click 'confirm' And now you are successfully registered to the CoolMessenger server. User addition If you want to add users to your organization chart, click 'Add user' And here, uers list, input user ID the name of the user and the default password The other information of the user can be optional choice. However, you need to leave the user information open like this. Then, drag the user simply drop it under the name of the company Here we go, the user is now added. Click 'save' button to make sure your change is saved. Thank you. Department addition If you would like to add department to your organization chart click 'add department' And here you can see a new category called, 'new department' has just been created. Now, type in your department name, for example, 'overseas marketing'. Then here, you need to right-click on it to move the department up to the high priority Or just keep clicking this UP button until you want the department to be located at a certain position In addition, you can assign a particular user to the department where it needs to belong. For example, here, user Terry Lee, has just been assigned to overseas marketing. Now, click save button to save all the changes. Thank you Position change To change the position of user go to 'edit position' chart and there you can see a user which is set by default Click 'modify position' button to change the default setting or click 'Add position' button for additional user creation Manager and assistant position are put in as an example. In the list of position, you can assign the appropriate position to individual user. To find out the change you have made go back to 'Edit organization chart' and see what has been changed. To make it easier, you can change the user position on the edit organization chart as well. Finally, click 'Save' button to make sure all the changes are securely saved. User authority In the user authority, you can take control of user's authority regarding checking their messages, chatting, and transferring file. For example, if you want to allow the user 1 to check only his message aside from chatting and file transfer Take this tick off here and this is off as well. And then, the user 1 will be only allowed to check this message other than that. Finally, let's put the user back on track and click 'Save' button to make sure the changes you have made are saved. Thank you User log To find out the record of user log, go to 'log management' and click 'user log' on the top. You can search the user log by specific period. Within the period search result you can check through received and sent messages with other detailed information. What makes good about CoolMessenger is it can also monitor all sort of files the user has received and sent. This monitoring can be done in the measure of security reinforcement. Here are some files received. And you can check out what contains in the file. Thank you Chatting log Like an 'User log' previously it is quite simple to check through the details of chatting log records. Here is a simple demonstration you can see and learn quickly how to read the records. Thank you

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Duration: 5 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: South Korea
Language: English
Producer: Jiransoft Co., Ltd.
Director: Terry Lee
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Posted by: ltkremark on Feb 2, 2009

CoolMessenger is a secure business messenger for collaborative works.
It is a useful tool for company to communicate in a secure way.
This video contains a simple demonstration of CoolMessenger server showing main functions to get you started.

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