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Are there metrics a leader can use to measure discipleship?

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Are there metrics a leader can use to measure discipleship? Is true discipleship measurable? The best measurement we have for it is the REVEAL survey. We do the REVEAL survey every few years because we do believe that you can get some indication if your initiatives are having impact and are moving people toward Christ-centeredness. So, that is the best tool we have found thus far. We are starting this new initiative called, The Practice. We are going to learn a lot about that. Then we will see if that as a discipleship tool is helping our REVEAL scores. We think facts are our friends. When people say you cannot measure anything, you can measure a lot of stuff. When you can, facts are generally your friends. You look at them and say, "I hate these facts. So let's do some things that change these facts and drive things differently." We are very serious about discipleship. We will measure it with REVEAL. We are an endless quest. Someone stopped me at a dinner and said, "We were here 6 years ago and learned many things. And now Willow is so different 6 years later and we are learning new things." I said, "That is as it should be." If you come here from 6 years from now and I am still talking about the same things here... We are incessant tinkerers. We get up every day and say, "What can we do better? What did we learn yesterday that can help us move the church ahead to a more God-glorifying degree tomorrow?" We will let go of anything that is past it's time. And we will launch something that sounds as if the Holy Spirit could use it in a wonderful way. We will launch and hopefully God will use it.

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Posted by: landsm on May 12, 2014

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