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2012 - Time for Change at BBC's Talking Movies

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subtitles: Sting is a big name in a new documentary that's pointing the way toward saving the world it's a rallying cry that's a heady concoction it involves such concepts as mushrooms and bioremediation and it's guiding narrator is a best-seller author and journalist who resembles a counterculture figure from the 1960's so far the film has only been shown at special screenings but it will go into full release later on this year this documentary theorizes that humanity has gone out of step with the planet and that a realignment can save us from ourselves the ancient wisdom of tribal cultures and modern science are seen as solutions it's an optimistic antidote to apocaliptic prophecies particularly popular doomsday predictions for the year 2012 it's and endeavor embraced by Sting I think there's a lot of, very negative, prophetic feelings about 2012 as if the whole world is going to end I think the prophecy is questionable and the future is what we make it to be so my strategy has always been to be optimistic cautiously optimistic 2012, this film I'm involved in shows that there are good things happening on the planet, positive things and I wanted to be... I want to be part of that it's an interesting date, and we need to make it a positive date and not this gloom and doom end of the earth nonsense, which I think is terrible this question of what will happen in 2012 may just be the wrong question, we should just be really asking what are we gonna do? what can we bring about? what type of change can we bring about in this time? it's gonna be up to individuals and communities to make a profound shift in how we conduct ourselves in the planet The film storyteller is Daniel Pinchbeck it follows him on his quest to find a new way forward so that a post-industrial world can flourish in harmony with nature it argues that the future lies both in the application of new technologies and the evolution in human consciousness quite controversially, it suggests that psychedelic drugs can play a role in bringing about this new mindset it does seem like a throwback to the 1960's the film grew out of a bestseller pinchbeck wrote called "2012, The Return of Quetzacoatl" We sort of took the ideas from that book but extended it to more practical solutions like ecological design ways to address the financial system, we talked about meditation, yoga So I kinda made the narrator and interviewer, who weaves the story together the film features interviews with experts and celebrities filmmaker David Lynch talks about transcendental meditation actress Elen Page comments on goat manure One expert interviewed gives his contribution very timely given the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico because he nows a lot of the ability of fungi to help repair the planet Fungi repair ecosystems, they respond to catastrophia right now with the BP oil spill so we've been breaking down oil with fungi for about 12 years so I propose, I'm in the movie talking about how to break oil with fungi and now with the BP oil spill, it's really focusing our attention the film's brazilian director believes the documentary shows that many solutions for today's environmental ills are not far from hand all the solutions that we need are already here and they're mostly in a garden it's a message about people reconnecting with nature what really creates not only a sustainable culture but a regenerative culture the film's message won't be to everyone's taste Some critics will dismiss it as new-age mambo jambo do you think that people who are participating in this documentary have very good practical ideas? I think the way to solve the planet's problems at the moment is to think out of the box some of those ideas might seem a little crazy but revolutionary ideas always have, they seemed a little strange but we need to be in that mode in this particular time but how much difference can a documentary like this make? I mean, isn't it just going to reach the converted in a way? you can say the same about music. How can you change the world with music? you can't really You can plant seeds in people's minds which hopefully bear fruit years hence. Do we have the time? That's the problem I don't know the answer, but this is certainly something I feel is right to do But is it going to solve the problem? I don't know

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BBC's talking movies covered the 2012 Time for change documentary.

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