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Job Interview Don'ts

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What strengths do you have? My legs are strong. I mean, what do you excel at? ♫I'm like a snowflake falling .... Can you speak English? Of course. What we need is the ability to organize marketing campaigns, and to supervise employees; effective communication abilities; and public relations skills. So what is your competitive advantage? I… I… I… Why don't we just speak Chinese! How did you learn about us? On the internet,, it has a lot of opportunities. Did you bring credentials? Here they are. Can you speak Chinese? Not to brag, but I speak very fluently. Do you have a certificate in computing? That I don't have. How old is your child? Why? Oh, no reason. Have you purchased insurance for your child? I have a very good type of insurance. Let me explain it to you. It would definitely suit your child. I think that you are not well suited. Why? I'm quite good! I think I'm very well suited. Sorry, there are more people waiting... Why don't you try me out? Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world for you! Do you believe me? Please, don't move the world, just rewrite your resume.. Why? My resume is quite good. Go to a professional career recruitment website, like and learn about resumes. OK, if I learn how and then return, can you give me a lever? Yes, yes, yes. You're welcome to come back. I have a bold request. Tell me. I request that you give me this position. Why? Under current conditions, we all are looking, for a leader to appear, and lead China out of its economic pit. If you give me this opportunity, I believe that I will be that leader. Vice president? We have already selected someone. How about sales manager? I feel that you are not well suited for that. Financial manager? We are not recruiting a financial manager. The front desk would also do. You aren't recruiting for public security are you? I can do that too.

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Posted by: qaltman on Apr 27, 2013

What not to do during a job interview.

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