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Jason's Brown

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So, first... Some people in America think Barack Obama is not an American citizen. They say is from Kenya. He x a family from Kenya. He has a... x anyone know Barack Obama was born? What state he was borning? Hawaii. The countries, the xxgirls... It's very "exotic" to the lot of Americans. So, he's from Kenya. Before the election they said: "Barack Obama's christian preacher is radical" He's christian preacher! Two years later x same people are saying: "Barack Obama is a muslim" So, wait. He's a radical christian or he's a muslim. Or he's both! Or xx So... He has a christian preacher who is crazy. he is muslim is racist? he had a black dad and a white mom and he is racist? the people say he is racist those are old white people you know white men have had heir rule of the world since the begining of time they are the people say barak obama is a racist he's trying to help black people and "brown" people so and "brown" people because you speak spanish and you are taking our jobs you are from Mexico, Guatemala... and down the american continent so... he is a christian or he is a muslim? or... why doesen't he go to church? United States is busy to fire a church A Sunday morning Ho here are go to the church every week. Going to the church every week Use thing is fanny for years ago Are fanny bolt to hands, go up right? So you care to thing up enough that. Are believe going church go up. Probably religious (Pause) So, the people sat here is a Christian radical or he’s Muslim or radicalisms. Go’s apart,cristians the same cristians who do care if with purchard people Are left in Spain now use solicats You should go up (Jason Writes in the Blackboard). Probably… you can here for some radical positions (Pause) In other this think the capital in Spain for capitals her's are you should is find out are you biilding capital is fine out Are your ready to talk? No ok. Didn't work. This happened in the english inquisition or 6 years ago. It was called torture You know torture? Oh! You're X X to talk to me. Put your fingers in X up Eh...are your ready to talk now? steak on the fire and hurt your face ssssssssssssssssh Are your ready to talk now. This is torture Great! You hurt someone to give information from now The United States is ilegal to torture "In theory" This is a X, we have.So... The crazy thing Mr. King He was "POW" What is "POW"? So, POW is Prisoner Of World. So for 5 years

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Posted by: gps2 on Oct 27, 2010

Part 4.

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