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Asko gara, bil gaitezen

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The Basque Country needs an efficient estrategoy towards independence. Pro-independence forces, people, trade-unions and political forces that believe in the Basque Country must work together. We must join forces. We are a lot, let's unite. We are for independence, women and men of different generations that work to get and build a project of national and social liberation. Our goal is to create our own state that will live in harmony with the other peoples of Europe and the world, as we believe that this is the only way to ensure the survival and full development of the Basque Country. This is our project, and we want to achieve it with the support of the majority of Basque citizens. It's time for commitments. It is time to make steps. The Basque Pro-independence Left knows that there's not time to wait for anyone. We are aware that the future is in our hands. With our strength and reason we will create new situations, we will determine the activities of other organizations and, more importantly, we'll get more and more popular support for the Basque Country to have the future in our hands. Let's start building our future now. The opportunity for independence is widely open. In Europe there have been created new states and this debate is fully open elsewhere. The opportunity to create new states is real, especially if we get democratic majorities with a strong base. Euskal Herria is organized, dynamic and ready, mature enough and with political, social, and economical strength. As if this were not enough, we have great confidence in our people. The strategy we have outlined has well-defined work fronts that will allow us to take specific steps in the coming months. The main work areas are joining forces for the independence and sovereignty, strengthing the work for democratic freedoms and for prisoners, developing the democratic process - specifically, to enforce political negotiation - with new initiatives and tools, and designing a way to strengthen the Pro-Independence Left. The left-wing pro-independence people want social change and, for that, along with other elements, we need the work of the popular movement, a feminist practice, a new language policy, a new educational model, the work of cultural organizations and the strength of the youth movement. We are the reference for pro-independence and socialist people of Euskal Herria for achieving a democratic process that must be developed through the mass struggle and political practice, and ideological and institutional work. Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment with a peaceful and democratic political process, building an inclusive democracy in which Euskal Herria - without any threats and in freedom - can decide its own future. The effort and work deserve it, for all left in the way, for all friends fallen in the way, and, mainly, because we're right. Go on! The Basque Country will win!

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Duration: 5 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: South Africa
Language: Basque
Producer: Ezker Abertzalea
Director: Ezker Abertzalea
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Posted by: ezkerabertzalea on May 1, 2010

"Zutik Euskal Herria"ren aurkezpenetarako egindako bideoa, azken urteko lana zehazten duena.

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