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The President of NLMK Group, Oleg Bagrin, has visited the Stoilensky site. He inspected the construction sites and discussed the modernization of the beneficiation plant with project specialists. The end-of-year results for Stoilensky are good: concentrate production has reached approximately 15 million tonnes, and sintering ore production in the region of 1.6 million tonnes. The company anticipates that these figures will not dip below this level next year. This positive forecast is based on results from previous periods; progress achieved in the plant modernization programme and completion of projects to improve operating efficiency. These projects have led to an increase of approximately one million tonnes in concentrate production per year without large-scale investment. Many people said that it would not be possible to increase production at this site without investment. The measures taken to improve operating efficiency, which were developed with the involvement of a new team, have demonstrated quite clearly, well that is to say, benchmarking has shown, that anything's possible. The plant produced a million tonnes this year. A major investment project is in progress at the Stoilensky site to construct a pelletizing plant. The construction work is going according to schedule. The changing economic situation in Russia has not altered the project; the aim is to fully supply Novolipetsk Steel with their own cheaper pellets. External market conditions will have little impact on the pelletizing plant. This project aims primarily to provide our own raw materials to replace those purchased in Russia. We have this base and these reserves, it is perhaps wrong not to use these raw materials for our own purposes. This project is first and foremast aimed at replacing the raw materials we buy on the market with our own pellets. So this plant will be completed. There is also a project under development to increase the volume of iron ore production at the Stoilensky quarry. Changes in the market conditions for iron ore raw materials took place just when certain technical decisions were about to be made. So now there is time to make the most appropriate choices in this respect. We will be looking for design solutions and implementation schedules for these projects which will counterbalance the negative impact of the conditions in the iron ore raw materials market being seen today. And of course the changes in the market are taking place worldwide. In fact, the price of iron ore raw materials has dropped by around fifty percent since the beginning of this year. The President of NLMK Group and plant managers also visited various sections at the processing plant. Visiting one section, they discussed a plan to install machinery which would increase mill productivity, and at another they considered a project to replace one of the main conveyors feeding milled ore for processing. Work on these projects has already begun. Replacement of the conveyor has been scheduled for August next year. This will ensure continuity of processing operations and accordingly allow any hitches to be resolved, increasing conveyor productivity. Major investment at the Stoilensky site will continue next year. In addition to construction of the pelletizing plant, there will be a project to build the second phase of the thickening unit. Commissioning of this major hydraulic engineering facility will ensure the processing plant is technologically reliable and will improve the environmental safety of the industrial site overall. Nikolai Zasolotsky, Alexei Boldyrev, and Artem Shatkus, Belgorod News, Stary Oskol

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