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[♪♪] [male speaker] 2, 1, 0. [Science - Wonder - Art] [The Undivided Mind - Imaginary Foundation] [male speaker] We are all receivers. I think that we're all privy to creative inspiration or divine madness or that kind of connection with something larger than ourselves, and it makes us feel like we understand the intelligence that runs throughout the universe that somehow has led to self-organizing molecules that turn into self-aware creatures that then start to ponder their own origins. I think we've all been privy to a sensation that we are connected to something bigger and grander than we are or that maybe perhaps we are a part of it. If we are a way for the cosmos to know itself, then the cosmos is speaking through us. So I do think that we're all receivers in a way and we can all tap into that. It's interesting. To borrow Khalil Gibran's words, "Sometimes it feels as though ideas or feelings or thoughts or revelation "comes through you but not from you, "and though it is with you, it belongs not to you." Terence McKenna talks about psychedelic plants and how they excite mobilization and they empower articulation, which is just absolutely what it feels like when you're having a meta download. There's a reason people use that metaphor, "Oh my God, man, I'm having a download." Revelatory ecstasy. Ecstasy comes with feeling a sense of revelation where you're putting the dots together in a way that you hadn't put them before, and it gives you a new aerial view, a new pattern that subsumes the previous paradigm. And whatever that is-- hypomania, inspiration, divine interconnection-- it makes us all, to an extent, receivers of insight, knowledge, of intelligence. [♪♪] [Cut by]

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Posted by: davidorban on Oct 11, 2011

Ecstasy is the experience of becoming "epiphanized" by rapturous AWE.

As described in Rich Doyle's Darwin's Pharmacy, "...a sense of interior and exterior dissolves in awareness and awe."

"...there is an upwelling of fresh insight coupled with a feeling of ubiquitous harmony," in the experience.

The vision -- which i hasten to point out, is neither "religious" nor "otherworldly" -- feels like a"startling recognition."

"Christopher Uhl reminds us that "while gazing 'up' at a night sky, one in fact hangs off the planet and near the edge of a galaxy, vertiginous, suspended over the infinity of space." - Rich Doyle, Darwin's Pharmacy

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