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Qleak translation startup

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You are translating... ...and you know how irritating it can be... jump from one tab to another... ...messing with hundreds of your translation bookmarks... ...searching for the necesary term or expression. Time is ticking, the deadline is coming up... ...and the number of words you have translated remains too low. Nowadays, as more and more businesses are going international... ...there is a growing demand for multilingual documentation. So, you need to translate fast and yet still as accurate as ever. Fortunately, there is a way you can speed up. Introducing Qleak. What you need is to search Qleak for suitable translation memories and glossaries... created and sold by other translators... and then upload them to your favourite translation program. When terms and sentences of your text match those added from Qleak... will see a suggestion of how to translate. Let's meet John. He is working hard translating the content of a travel website from Russian into English. During this work John encounters many unknown terms and expressions. And this is Alice. She has already completed a Russian to English translation job provided by a travel agency. Alice has compiled glossaries and translation memories concerning the travel industry... ...and then started selling them on Qleak. John's friend recently told him about Qleak. So, John visited the website... ...and found Alice who translates in the same language combination and industry. He bought her files.

As a result, John delivered his translation a day earlier than scheduled... ...and greatly enjoyed spending this day with his family. In turn, Alice indulged herself, with the money she earned on Qleak, to buy a new outfit. Whether you are looking to translate faster... ...or looking for additional translation income, or both... ...Qleak can improve your life. Submit your email address to be notified about the upcoming Qleak launch. And now that you know about Qleak... share this news with your friends! When you are lucky enough to have at least 10 referrals... ...we will be featuring your name in our marketing efforts... ...bringing exposure to you and your translation services!

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Posted by: anastaciadrebot on Mar 31, 2012

translation market, translation memory files, glossaries

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