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Welcome and Orientation_LYDB_FINAL

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>> Hi, and welcome to the Launch Your Dream Book program. I'm Lindsey Smith. I will be here to help guide you throughout this program. This course is truly an amazing journey. And I am excited that you have decided to show up and write the book of your dreams It's a really fulfilling reward in so many ways. We believe that writing and publishing a book is truly just like nutrition. It's bio-individual. There are a ton of different theories and guidelines, but ultimately, you have to find what works for you. In this course, we teach you different theories and methods on everything from writing to publishing, to promoting. We will show you everything from a very DIY approach to publishing to a more advanced way to publish. To get started, here's a breakdown of how the course works. First, we have our online community. Upon enrolling, you should have received a link to join our private Facebook group. If you didn't receive a link, there will be one available in the Connect section of the Learning Center. Here is where a majority of the inspiration and real-time coaching happens. You can connect with one another, get real-time advice and share resources. Plus, having a community of people holding you to your goals and supporting you on this journey is truly incredible. Next, we have warm-up classes. The warm-up classes are designed to give you a jumpstart into the program and they help set you up for future success. Third, we have the book course library. The book course library is truly a gem of the program. We have hand-selected teachers and content to help you successfully write, publish, and promote your book. The library is broken down into various sections, including marketing and publishing resources, as well as time management, and writing prompts. So no matter what part of the book writing or publishing process you're on, you will have access to materials that will help you immediately. The library will also be continually growing throughout the course, so make sure you check back often. Fourth, we have group coaching calls. We will have group coaching calls that will include inspiration, questions, and live coaching. These will be taught live via GoToWebinar and all the registration information will be available in the Connect section of your Learning Center. If you are unable to make the call, no worries, all classes will be uploaded and available in the Learning Center within 24 hours. Please make sure to check out the course schedule for specific dates and times for your class. Next, our accountability partners. It is crucial to have an accountability partner in this course. An accountability partner is someone you work closely with throughout the program. You will set goals, review each other's work, and give tough love when you need to give it. An accountability partner can be someone in the course or it can be someone in your life that is committed to pushing you. If you want to connect with an accountability partner in this course, you can connect with fellow classmates under our specific accountability partner thread on Facebook. And last but not least, if at any time you have a technical question or issue, you can email [email protected], and someone will get back to you. We also recommend that you spend a minimum of 5 to 10 hours a week on this course. We suggest spending about one to three hours on the calls, classes, and general application, and the rest of the time taking action, which means lots and lots of writing. In the meantime, feel free to check out our warm-up classes to get you moving and thinking before class even begins. I am so excited to join this journey of book publishing with you. At the end of the course, you will not only have fulfilled a personal goal but you will have a published book that can change the lives of thousands.

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Welcome and Orientation_LYDB_FINAL

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