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Beyond the Book

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Launch your Dream Book Beyond the Book. Welcome to Launch Your Dream Book. We've talked a lot about this beyond the book concept in this course so far. It's important to consistently stay connected to your beyond the book goals. So selling books is great, but how can you consistently leverage your book for even larger opportunities? Maybe you want to create a product, go on a speaking tour, or do a TED Talk.

Use your author platform to help create these opportunities. Today I'm going to give you some additional beyond the book ideas that you might want to incorporate once your book is published. Number one is book tours. Book tours are a really fun way to get people excited about your book. If you're just getting started, I suggest starting local and building up from there. You can find people locally or through social media that want to host you. Hosts should be people that are passionate about your brand and will be able to get people to come to the event. So here are some things to consider when you're setting up a book tour: You can pre-sell tickets to the event to ensure that you have cash flow surrounding the event. You can schedule based on location. Choose locations that are close together—a cluster. With any event, you'll want to make sure you market it properly. You can create a standard flyer, a Facebook page, or any other marketing material that works for you. Then you can simply tweak them for each event. You can use event platforms like EventBrite or Splash to create a virtual home for your book tour information and sell tickets. Just note that book tours require a lot of management, so I suggest getting clear on whether or not you think this is valuable and will enhance your bottom line and be worth your time. The next idea is blog book tours. Blog book tours are a really fun way to get bloggers with similar interests and passions to review and share your book. To set this up, you'll want to first research and find bloggers that might be interested in reviewing your book, featuring you on their podcast, etc. Look for people who are passionate about the same topics as you and feel really connected to your messaging. From there you can host an online book tour by setting up dates with bloggers to release their content. It could be a guest blog, review, or giveaway. The options are really endless. Get creative with the individual blogger. You can even kick it off on your blog and share all the spots you'll be featured in. The next idea is to create products that go along with your book. So once your book is published, you can think about creating additional products that complement your book. This can help leverage your bottom line and expand your empire. Here are some examples: For a children's book, you might want to create a stuffed animal or an interactive component or toy to go along with it. For a nutrition book, you can create private label supplements, products, or inspirational gear that fits your theme. You can also create journals, meditation CDs, or even workout DVDs. Get creative and create products that really match your unique messaging. Once you have the book bug, you'll most likely want to keep writing, and book #2 is a great way to expand your knowledge and really target your readers and keep them engaged. Book #2 can be an extension of your first book. You can even do an updated edition of your first copy that includes added bonuses. Take time to listen to your audience and see what they specifically want. The next idea is to create an online course. Online courses are extremely popular these days. Once you find out other things your reader is looking for, you can create an online course or other product to share with them, ultimately expanding your reach and increasing your bottom line. This will help your tribe dive deeper into the tools and information you provide and will become another revenue stream for you. The next tactic is to become a paid writer. Becoming a paid writer is a great way to leverage your expertise and build your writing portfolio. Apply to be a freelance writer at a local newspaper, at websites like or, or for magazines like Real Simple or Women's Health. You can also apply for freelance writing gigs by doing a quick Google search or looking for the editorial guidelines on magazine websites. The next one might surprise you a bit. Did you know that you can host your own TV show relatively easily? You'd be surprised to know how easy it can be to host your own local TV show. So check out local networks in your area. For many cable-based shows, you can easily apply to be on the show or even host your own. These are usually your local basic cable networks, so do some research in your specific area. As you can see, there are many other beyond the book ideas that you can incorporate into your book plan. Remember, align any of the extras with your bigger goals. For example, if you really want to be a paid speaker, consider creating a speaking video to send out to conference hosts. If you want to become a paid writer, leverage your book writing and blogging skills by submitting pieces to various publications. In everything that you do to support your book, consistently think about a beyond the book goal that you can incorporate. And remember, you don't have to do it all. Do what feels right for you and your audience and go from there. Please share some of your current beyond the book goals with us on Facebook. We always love hearing from you.

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Beyond the Book

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