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And more bodies of those killed in the Russian plane crash in Egypt are being flown to Saint Petersburg and in the Sinai peninsula, where the jet crashed, the search operation is ongoing. This is the latest satelite image of the site and here we can see the recovery team's camp, the blue markers show where parts of the wreckage have been discovered. RT’s Roman Kosarev, reports now from the scene. The airplane's debris scattered over a very large area which makes one think that it felt apart in the air before hitting the ground. Right now the main task for these men is to find any personal belongings or possibly even more remains of the victims Mind you, most of the victims' bodies have already been found. Upon arrival to the sites of the airplane crash the reconnaissance team found two more spots whith more debris and possibly more remains of the victims that died in that air tragedy. Right now we along with the special forces of the Russia's Emergencies Ministry are going to one of those parts and to find out what we can discover there. Hopefully will be more remains that we will be able to take back to Saint Petersburg to the family and the loved ones of the people that died here in air tragedy We walked for about four, four and a half kilometres, the search team is extended over about a kilometer that way The heat here in the desert of Sinai peninsula is getting more and more intense but we are finding more things from the airplane, things such as shoes and the various items from the peoples's luggage we are finding personal belongings like rings, watches, cell-phones as well. As day progresses we'll be looking for more personal belongings but of course the main thing here is to find the rest of the bodies of the victims. Roman Kosarev. RT. Egypt.

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