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Cedar Rapids (2011)

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You were like, 16, and I'm thinking, here is a kid who is gonna go places, and somehow, you just didn't. (narrator) Tim Lippe, didn't know where his life was going. (boss) I need you to go down to Cedar Rapids, and prove Brownstar's a good outfit. Oh, sweet! (narrator) But that was before Cedar Rapids. (Tim) It's incredible - there are palm trees and the whole place smells like chlorine. It's like I'm in Barbados or somewhere. (boss) This insurance convention is important. (Tim) You can count on me. (boss) One thing. Steer clear of Dean Zeigler. (Dean) Double stock my mini bar, please. Does that give some honey on your stinger? I love it. The Ronimal! What's a' matter friend? You've never seen a chocolate vanilla love sandwich before? This is party headquarters, right here. (Ron) Of course I have my guilty pleasures - antiquing... Shots! Let's do it! Okay. Cream sherry. Cream sherry? This one's weird. (Tim, slurred) You look like R2-D2. C3PO. That's not what he sounds like. I'm having a perfect moment. (Tim) Insurance agents get people's lives back on track. You are a hero. You're the superman type. (high pitched yell) I'm gonna be fine! (guy) Just give me your hand bro. (Tim) I don't trust people with pony tails. [screaming] Oh, Tim. Tim. (narrator) Ed Helms... (girl) If you want to party, you let me know. (Tim) You got it. Party hearty. [phone rings] I made love to a woman. She's not that pretty, and smells tastes like cigarettes. (narrator) John C. Reilly... If you're going to survive in this business, you've got to dance with the tiger. (Tim) How do you make the tiger dance? (Dean) You gotta show him a little teat. (Ron) I don't even wanna know. I'm so bummed out. I'm so bummed out! Where is Timble? He's practically my best friend at this point. (Gary) You just met him 2 days ago. (Tim) You're probably uninsured. (Dean) Timble! (bad gangsta voice) Hey, I'm straight up gangster. And always keeps one on the chamber in case you pondering. [tires squealing] (Dean) What happened back there? (Tim) I looked up, and Ronald was talking like a ghetto person. (Ronald) But I do a pretty convincing Omar from the HBO program the Wire. What happened? I got beat up, got completely blotto, befriended a prostitute. It was awesome. Someone deserves 2 bags of honey roasted peanuts. (Tim) 2 bags. Super awesome. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 16, 2011

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