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Dr. Calleman (1:5) - interview about the Mayan Calendar from Brandenburger Tor in Berlin '09

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OK Dr. Calleman, we are placed here at a very interesting place, called 'Brandenburger Tor' in Berlin. You can say it’s something to do with East and West, and we had the Wall removed between the two, you can say, hemispheres of Berlin, or the world, or what do you say. And it’s also very interesting when we talk about brain hemispheres in the human brain, and on the bigger scale you can say, when we talk about the Mayan calendar and the World Tree and so. What do you think when you are here at the Brandenburger Tor, relating to all what you are researching and writing about? Well I think it’s a very exciting place to be. To begin with Berlin is interesting, Germany is interesting, but, you know, at the heart of it all is this place where the Wall used to separate eastern and western Berlin. So, it’s not an accident that that Wall came to go right here. It has to do with the fact that there is a more objective basis for a line, you might say, that separates the western and eastern hemispheres. And this line it goes from, essentially down from Cape Town up through central Africa, through Rome, through Berlin, through Copenhagen, essentially through Trondheim and then up to the North Pole. And I was here to celebrate New Year’s right after the Wall had fallen, the first of January 1990. Which was an absolutely amazing time, where you could really sort of literally feel the fact, that now the boundaries that had for so long had been frozen here were removed. And I was then on the other side, but it was this time when the Wall would go up until Brandenburger Tor here. At that time people would sort of just walk up on the Wall, go back down on one side, and then up on the Wall and down on the other side. Just to get the feeling of this fact that it was now possible to pass between these two, what previously had been completely separate worlds, actually. But then in the Mayan calendar is an understanding that the world is divided in hemispheres. that they are characterized by different qualities, qualities of thinking, spiritual qualities and so forth. Because this particular city is located on this division line between hemispheres, it also means then, that its history has been colourful to say the least. We all know the destructive centre this has been, but we can also today see it as very much of a unifying centre of different qualities in the world. I remember Ronald Reagan, he said to Gorbachev, “Let’s tear down this Wall!” Is it time to tear down another wall now, the wall between the two brain hemispheres to make people become more united again, and at oneness? And on a bigger sense, you know, we are... yeah. Yeah, I think the fall of the Wall in Berlin was more or less only a beginning, so to speak. And the world is still basically polarized, in the sense that essentially the Western hemisphere still dominates the world. And it’s also that domination as such is a fact of our world. These are walls that in the time ahead I expect will be torn down, in a much more deeper sense. And I think there is an economic development going on to bring these kind of changes about. OK, and when we think about the so-called finance crisis, which you can say has started a lot of things, you predicted that to start in November 2007. And you were very precise, you can say very precise indeed. But what do you expect, now when we are heading towards a new shift in November 2009? What is your scenario? Where are we heading? Yeah, I think there will be an even deeper crisis for anything that’s sort of based on abstract economical values. I’m probably not the only one who expects in the time ahead a considerable weakening of the American Dollar. From that we probably will expect some new rearrangement must be made to replace it, that will reflect new relationships in the world. When we talk about all this with the finance crisis, I read one of your articles where you put it very straight. That what happens is that the tax payers they pay a lot of tax to the governments and so, and the governments they give the money back to the banks, so the banks can lend them out to the tax payers again. And this is just, you say, all the world is almost falling to pieces, all the school systems are devaluating and buildings are not great anymore. And we suddenly have 100 billion Kroner in Denmark, for instance, to give to the banks. You know, it’s kind of perverted. Or is the power structure still fighting to keep its place and position? Yes, it is very... You know we are told that somehow the financial system needs to work. And then it seems like that becomes the highest priority for many governments. And basically that’s the tested method all over the world, to give maybe a hundred billion Kroner or Dollars or whatever to the banks. By itself, that will not solve or reverse the downfall, I would say. I think the time has very much come where it will absolutely necessary for people to develop ways of sharing. And to look at the concrete, the tangible reality. What are the real needs of people? And look away from these kind of abstract considerations, to say they need a hundred billion something, in order to keep a control of the flow of money and direct production according to the needs of that way of thinking. Yes, and when we take that into consideration, and say that you were right the last time, then probably it would be good to pay attention to what you are saying, because you might be right again. You know, it’s close now. And we need to prepare people. People need to be prepared. They need to start now to have considerations of what is coming. Because if they are not ready when it comes, they will be very depressive. But if they start now, they can really be prepared, and it will not be a total collapse for them, psychological or with their feelings and so.

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The Mayan Calendar is profetic and has been right on schedule for thousands of years. Dr. Carl Johan Calleman has researched, studied, written and lectured about the real Mayan Calendar for years.

He predicted the start of the finance crisis in 2007 about 10 years ago, and he might be very right about what is going to happen just around the corner. Please pay attention and share with all you know - it is better to be prepared than to be severely surprised.

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