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global oneness project The Power of Non-Violence When I talk about non-violence and when I discuss non-violence with people, the first word that comes to mind, related to non-violence is the word empowerment. Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director, The Holy Land Trust This for me is what non-violence is all about. It is to empower individuals, empower families, empower communities and nations to deal with issues of injustice and oppression that they face in their lives on a daily basis. It is both a strategy of resistence and also a strategy for moral and ethical growth within society. As a Palestinian, for example, living in this land, non-violence becomes a core value for me because it is how we as Palestinians need to deal with the oppression and resisting an injustice that we are facing. To be empowered, not to be victims of the circumstances and not to give in to the circumstances but to deal with them in direct and effective ways. The power of non-violence for me also creates a situation where barriers are broken down between nations and between peoples, and even again within the individual themselves and the pains that they go through in their own personal lives. Non-violence does not threaten the other, does not threaten the existence of the other. It threatens the structures of injustice that are created, that prevent that relationship from developing between you and those who are doing the injustice to you. The result of engaging in non-violence is not in the fact that it stands on resistance alone. Non-violence is powerful because it goes beyond resistance. It goes to creating the future that you seek with the other. This is where equality becomes important. Non-violence really creates that foundation, that premise where you can build a relationship of mutual trust and respect with those who have treated you unjustly that is founded on equality between you and them.

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