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Welcome to the EU Borg Collective

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Sarkozy No means No! Ireland, France and Netherlands said NO to the Lisbon Treaty We don't want Lisabon! We don't want Lisabon! The Irish don't want to join this "new" EU, but resistance is futile Brussels has found a strong and dangerous ally - The Borg I am Locutus of Borg. Resitance is futile Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward you will service us. The Borg are half human - half robots. New EU telephone booths will serve both for telephoning and for mind control. Good they haven't broken the encryption yet. Who? Those bionic zombies you told me about? They are called "the Borg"! Borg? Sounds Swedish... Yes, Borg is a Swedish name. The mighty Borgs are from Sweden. This is why the Borg occupation is called "Swedish presidency" The Borg have already infiltrated the European Commission. This is eurocommissioner Joe Borg The Irish have capitulated. The next move of the Borg is to take over the Czech Republic in Central Europe. Independent state! Independent state! If in this second, faked, referendum the Irish really capitulated before the EU forces... due to threats of unemployment and sanctions EU will put tremendious pressure upon the Czech president To make him sign this totalitarian-styled document. T-shirt: Resistance is futile - say YES to Lisabon!" Brussels pays its propaganda from your taxes. In 1948 the Czech students marched to the Prague Castle To ask president Edvard Benes not to sign Asked him to resist the forces, that wanted to destroy the independent Czech Republic Unfortunately, they failed. I hope that our today's march to the Prague Castle will succeed. We don't want Lisabon! We don't want Lisabon! Brussels is our grave! Brussels is our death! NO to Lisabon. Yes to European Union of SOVEREIGN nations. Welcome to the Borg CommEUnity. In the Borg Collective states and nations will lose their names. Instead they will have only numbers. Such as 1st of 27, 7th of 27 etc. And this is how the Swedish prime minister explains, why centralised totality is better than freedom and democracy: You are erratic, conflicted, disorganised every decision is debated, every action questioned, every individual entitled to their own small opinion you lack harmony, cohesion, greatness ... it will be your undoing Borg ships have geometric shapes. This is a borg "cube" And this is a new design. The borg "cEUbe". We have seen borg "spheres" too. And this is a novelty - the borg "barrel" One such capital ship is parked right in Strassbourg. Resistance is futile? Are you sure people will not resist? Nigel Farage (UKIP): I hope the voice of the peoples of Europe will be heard not that of just you, the political class and you may be complacent today, but you are increasingly being held in CONTEMPT We defeated dictators many times before... and we will defeat you again. "Fire!" Visit Visit the blog:

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Duration: 4 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Language: English
Producer: Kremlik
Director: Kremlik
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Posted by: on Oct 8, 2009

Sign the Lisbon Treaty! Resistance is futile. We are the Borg! ... The Brussels bureacrats now allied with the Borg. The formidable race of cyborgs, half human-half robot. Previously known from Star Trek.

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