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GWG Focus Group Series #6- IBD Concerns-SD

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And one of the things that's really cool is to see, what are the conc-, what about the, the places that you end up with more sticky notes. Um, I think we're gonna start off today with, what are my um, your IBD concerns. So if I could get your name, "Holly Barnett. Um, right now I consider myself relatively healthy and um. My treatment plan using Remicade has worked unbelievably. However, I've been on it for ten plus years and I'm always waiting for the next problem.". Snowballing off of what you said is, because I'm 22 and I've only had the disease for four years just like everything is so up in the air and so unknown. You know what if, what if, what if. How's this going to affect my relationship? Um, how is this gonna affect my childbearing years? Everything's just like, I don't know. And now-. So it's still a waiting game, you know? In a couple of weeks where am I gonna be? I have dealt with it under a lot of pressured situations. And then now that I look back, back on it now, the things that I thought were the worst weren't really the worst then, you know? But then now my worst, when I talk to other people isn't really the worst. So I'm still always trying to be humble and be thankful for where I am and just really try to keep it there. I mean, to just throw that out there because people who don't go through it don't understand that you know, it's day to day. Like, literally. It's also been studied proving that inflammation, like the physical inflammation in your body, causes depression. So on top of dealing with it just mentally day to day you have the physical component affecting it as well. Cause you have the same receptors in your gut that you have in your brain, so.

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GWG Focus Group Series #6- IBD Concerns-SD

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