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Software is all around us and sometimes inside us. But what happens when the tools we use are obeying someone else? A tool you control serves your interests, but if someone else controls it, they serve their own. When you can examine tools to see how they work, you're able to learn about them, even modify them to work differently or better. When you can share a tool and its changes, you help others and, in turn, they help you. In fact, this is how early computing developed. Everyone could see a program's code and people shared their work freely to drive its growth. Every user was a potential author. But when companies began to lock source code away, it stopped being possible to participate or even to know what the code was doing. In response, hackers formed the GNU project, to create a computer system designed to respect the autonomy of users. They adopted a copyleft maneuver and built it into the GNU General Public License, a legal structure that preserves user rights. In ten short years, the free software movement had produced the GNU/Linux system. Computing that nobody could own, but anyone could use. Today it's keeping planes in the air, stocks trading and the global Internet running. We all encounter free software in invisible ways. But software freedom was designed for people. It's about what shape the technology we inhabit will take, and what kind of society we use our digital powers to build. We've still got work to do. Free Software Foundation 30 years of propelling user freedom join us contribute learn more License CC by-sa 4.0 2014 Video by Transcription Benjamin Sonntag

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Duration: 2 minutes and 53 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Urchin
Director: Free Software Foundation
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Posted by: metagalactic on Jan 13, 2015

Most people interact with free software every day, but many of those people don't know what free software is or why they should go out of their way to use it. We want to fix that (and we think you do too), so we commissioned a short video that makes free software easy for everyone to understand.

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