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What is a Resource-Based Economy?

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How do you learn about a resource-based economy? Well, let's first start with the definition according to the Venus Project. A resource based economy is a holistic social and economic system in which the planetary resources are held as the common heritage of all the world’s inhabitants. The current practices of rationing resources due the monetary method is irrelevant, counterproductive, and falls far short of meeting the humanity’s needs. Simply stated, within a resource-based economy, we will utilize existing resources rather than money, to provide an equitable method of distribution in the most humane and efficient manner. It is a system in which all goods and services are available to everyone, without the use of money, credits, barter or any other form of debt or servitude. To better understand a resource based economy, consider this. If all the money in the world disappeared overnight., as long as topsoil, factories, personnel, and other resources were left intact, we can build anything we needed to fulfill most human needs. It is not money that people require, but rather free access to most of their needs, without worrying about financial security. or having to appeal to government bureaucracy. In a research base economy, of abundance, money will become irrelevant. We have arrived at a time when new innovations in science and technology can easily provide abundance to all the world's people. It is no longer necessary to perpetuate the conscious withdrawal efficiency by planned obsolescence, perpetuated by our old and outworn profit system. If we are genuinely concerned about the environment and our fellow human beings, if you really want to end territorial disputes, war, crime, poverty and hunger, we must consciously reconsider the social processes that leads to a world where these factors are common. Like it or not, it is our social processes, political practices, belief systems, profit based economy, our cultural during and behavioral norms that led to it to and support hunger war disease and environmental damage directed toward the shallow end so senator goals well property in power is new it says would encourage people toward so often that and creativity both materially and spiritually. ISSN definition according to The Venus Project and resource based economy II what is it have you learned about it Well what is it I can go on for a long time, but is a holistic world social organization system basically anything that is smaller scale in the entire world is not related to our resource based economy. Practical solutions and smaller types of solutions certainly I would actually encoura gepeople to work on those things. you have to understand is an entire by definition, it is global. Therefore things they're not globally inclusive are not resource based economy. So I when I just to clarify what it is now. How do I learn about how do you understand what it is? well number one is the book The Best That Money Can’t Buy. This book, it's about 12 years old now, and there as just released the 6th edition, not very many changes, just some grammatical corrections and some punctuation, you know, and stuff like that, fantastic book, it is number one method. It is 18 dollars on Kindle, it is 20 some dollars if you order out the web-site, over here. and That is number one method, but is not that's just the beginning There is many other things, there is movies like Paradise or Oblivion, Future by Design, these are all free on the internet by the way. There is the youtube series which is on this channel, we have all kinds of seminars, Jacque and Roxanne talking with volunteers about the subjects there are the main Venus Project that Venus Project here on you there is the website to website is one of the biggest contributors, or the biggest sources and information you can find about resource based economy Now, I want to clarify what is resource based economy is much different than what is The Venus Project are two distinct things, and when the main goal of The Venus Project is to educate, and the educate the world and is mated with you can about resource based economy All right, so. Get the book, number one. this could be by step process it could be a 20 Sep process but book number one Missy CD and DVD collection jacked fresca lecture series contains I'm not sure exactly how many alikes 1660 natalie is so 32 total pasick lecture series are very good, the ones from 2011 and 2010-2011 that's the ones you see on TV it was shock sitting in front camera very good I would say that Milan information and the classic lectures from the 70's and 80's would be high-level information I would say and that your yes only thing is when you record them and now the CDs are these are this whole package here i think is to learn eighty dollars but soon we may have it to where you can actually buy purchase them piece by piece leisure my lecture of the website and/or for perjury subscription base you too the for this specific lecture lecture all-star team members if you're you see if your in the PSU orientation if you're in any of our teams your hands on Sat your hands on these lectures Indiana book one way or another we have volunteers willing to give people books including myself will counters willing to give copies of the so with people interested enough in this information we will find a way to so anyway again book CDs website spiritually future by design the countless lectures and and that means YouTube channel and many many other places but I want to be very clearly in this is that this is not a week won't think this is now my one thing this is comprehend the sex things to remove the bullshit from your brain replace with relevant and more accurate data is a hard thing for him is to do filling it full maybe fifty percent accurate data the other 50 percent needs to be removed and that's a tough thing to do yes is there a reinforced every day in our culture resource based economy can take understanding it well enough to even talk about another person can take months mantra is generally you can't watch one video so there's a difference between agreement something understanding it and internalizing and ninety-nine point nine percent resource-based economy are simply just watching the UN agreement are actually internalizing you can also learn about resource base in time by taking PHP's foundational course which you can find I'm using the website to read every day we got to be spreading to come and what I found most importantly is most important say and is to actually once you are studying a concept or idea and it might be giving a challenge effect even it idea as it is not challenging you very much is to balance the ideas of other people to explain to the people and we use teamspeak we use Skype for these purposes many people use Facebook you you can fall into the trap %uh thinking you understand something because we cannot your ourselves in our and things we all filter so the best method learning these concepts and ideas is to talk with each other other people learning this stuff and then eventually talk to you those who are very well informed about the subjects to verified that what you're thinking about the concept or idea is correct or is accurate behind the RV and behind the beans fried so and all those things check them all out and I think you know we will all be too happy to help you out so that's it for now see you next time from from from from on %uh %uh if you like to have about the show donate via pay-pal on the main website had to be his project acecomm and enter your information thank you for your support

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