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The Venus Project - Cities In The Sea -=Trailer=- (Repository)

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♪ Clip from 'Cities in the Sea' The Venus Project presents 'Cities in the Sea' ♪ We often speak of underdeveloped land areas but rarely of the greatest undeveloped natural resource on the planet: the world's oceans. Although humans used the oceans of the world for thousands of years as a source of food and transportation, we are only now beginning to recognize the enormous potential and diversity of this relatively untapped resource. The oceans offer an almost limitless environment for food, energy production, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and much more. If intelligently managed, the oceans will easily supply more than enough resources to feed the world's hungry. To fully utilize this bountiful wellspring of resource, the future may embrace the development of large marine structures designed to explore the relatively untapped riches of the world's oceans. Ultimately, the development of these ocean communities will greatly relieve the land-based population pressures and be designed to support and sustain the environment of the land and sea. The population of such cities can vary from several hundred to many thousands, and be located throughout the world. These would all be managed and operated by automated systems and be part of the international communications networking system. Many of these cities can serve as universities and research centers where students from all nations of the world would study marine sciences and management. They will also serve as monitoring stations of ocean currents, weather patterns, marine ecology, pollution control and management, and geology. In addition, robotic submersibles will be used in deep ocean exploration. The oceans are, after all, essential to our survival and a critical part of the earth's carrying capacity.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on May 22, 2016

The oceans offer an almost limitless environment for food and energy production, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and much more. If intelligently managed, the creation of ocean communities could be among the greatest achievements of the twenty-first century. This trailer presents visions of tomorrow’s "cities in the sea".

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