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Sadhguru on Striking a Balance between Masculine & Feminine Energies (

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When you were a cave man, the man took care of the survival process. Women took care of cooking, nurturing, creating an ambience, a better ambience for life. So man fuels the survival process. The woman fuels that it makes it worthwhile to live; So these are two aspects fulfilled by masculine and feminine. So from here on when I say masculine and feminine, I want you to disengage that from being male and female. Now we are shifting this thing to a different level in the society. I am not saying it's right or wrong. We need to understand it’s shifting in the sense, It's not just about woman seeking a career. What is happening is the masculine ideals are becoming the most important ideals. So a systematic obliteration of the feminine has happened. Today because the world is driven by the economic engine. When you say economy is the only important thing on the planet, that means survival process is being put into a divine position. Once economic engine is what is driving the world, then masculine is bound to be dominant and in this system, women will suffer. I think lot of women are going through this and some of them are trying to find a balance between the two. It is not because they are pursuing a career this is happening, It is because survival process has become the highest ideal, which is a wrong way to structure a society. Masculine is power is a wrong perception. Masculine is the right thing is a wrong perception. That wrong perception has seeped into the society. Today there is very little role for the feminine. Even if a woman comes out, she has to act like a man then only she is successful. If she acts like a woman, it's considered weak. Feminine is not weak; it's just fulfilling a different aspect of life. Without the ambience of the feminine, masculine will feel meaningless. We say, Shiva is a shava without Shakthi. That means Shiva, the highest Lord, will become a corpse if Shakthi doesn’t dance around him. So that’s a beautiful way of saying it. So unless our values change that our minds grow beyond survival process if spirituality became the most significant part of a society, you would see feminine would be more dominant than the masculine. Unless the masculine and feminine play equal proportions on the planet, you will not see a beautiful life happening.

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Posted by: swamit on Oct 1, 2011

Sadhguru shares his views on 'Striking a Balance in Life' - the need for 'masculine and feminine energies' to be in 'harmony' - a marvelous insight; Sadhguru in conversation with the film makers of For Real

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