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Duitse krime met ondertiteling

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Who is this, Gustav? Stella Köning. She was found this morning. Stabbed to death? Possibly. Okay, I’ll finish this up and you go get me a cup of coffee. Right away, Inspector. So, you were Stella’s friends? Yes We were very close friends. Exactly. You never had any problems? No. We always got along well. Okay, you may leave. Gustav! Yes, Inspector? I don’t trust them. Oh. They weren’t very sad. Ah. Go to Stella’s school while I go to the lab. Okay. Gustav! My coffee, please. Okay. So Nina, you lied to us yesterday. No, I didn’t lie. Yesterday evening, you had an argument with Stella. We have witnesses. Okay, that is true. But I didn’t kill her. Witnesses claim that you followed Stella. Yes, but I only wanted to make things better. It’s only me. What are you doing here? I want to make things better between us. Why? Because I feel bad about it. Really? Really. I feel bad, too. Friends again? Okay. And Marie? What? Does she also want to make things better? I don’t know. Maybe. Okay. And then I went home. Okay, that is all. But you must stay here. Okay. Ah, Gustav. Nina Bauer’s alibi is solid. But if Nina isn’t guilty, then who is? Marie was also part of the argument. Why are you being so mean? We are the ones being mean?! You’re the mean one. No way! You’re a slut. Marie! How can you say that? Everyone hates you. You are a shame. What? That you were born. I thought we were friends. No one wants to be your friend. Come on Nina, we’re leaving. Ehh, okay. Ah. Bring in Marie Weber. Okay, but first I will go get your coffee. Why? I thought… Did I ask you to bring me coffee? No, Inspector. Then I do not want any coffee. So Marie, do you know why you’re here? Yea, yea. We had a fight. But it was nothing serious. I think that you followed Stella that day. And then you murdered her. And why do you think that? We have witnesses. Okay, I followed her. But I didn’t kill her. Hey Stella. What? I have something to say. What? I think it’s a real shame that you were born. Can’t you just disappear? Why are you treating me like this? I can’t take it. Disappear!? You can’t tell me what to do! Leave me alone! And never come back! And then I ran home. You knew that she was depressed? That’s nonsense! She just wanted attention. Marie Weber’s alibi is solid. Ah, the results from the forensics reports. It is as I thought. She committed suicide. But, why. She was very depressed. Marie was right. It would be better if I just disappeared. No one would miss me. And then she killed herself. But Marie is guilty. She knew Stella was depressed and used it against her.

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Posted by: hihi95 on Jun 21, 2011

een krimi voor duits

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