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Why do you Discourage People from doing Healing? Sadhguru

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why is it that you tell people not to do healing see any problem in the body or in the mind is coming up only as an indication of a deeper situation within you right now let's say you get asthma or let's say you get blood pressure, a more common thing blood pressure is not the disease blood pressure is only the indication that something deep down is out of balance, isn't it? 0:00:59.550,0:01:02.950 it's only an indication, all chronic ailments are like this they are just indicators of a deeper problem which exists if you erase the indicator it will find expression in some other way what was asthma today, if you heal it tomorrow it may become an accident, it may become a much bigger disaster in your life you will see all the people who get into healing and all the people who go through healing after certain phase of their life they will invite things they can't believe they neither doing service to themselves nor to others because they are only appeasing the effect they are unable to remove the cause if you have to remove the cause it will take something else altogether just manipulating energies and removing the effect is not good for you in the deeper sense of life and for many people their disease is not a curse without disease they would live utterly stupid and frivolous lives with the disease some death has come to them it's unfortunate but this is a reality with lots of people, isn't it so? so all this healing and other things are very juvenile things unfortunately because, you know the Christian marketing machine went about constantly propagating the Jesus was a healer, Jesus was a healer, it's become popular like this whenever things happened around Jesus, whenever people told him something like this he always said it's not me, it's you is that so? he never claimed that he is a healer and you will be surprised the biggest surprise for you will be when a certain group of people who are not healthy who were ill they went and asked him why we cannot live our lives the way other men live? why are we denied normal life? what can we do about our illness? you won't believe this he taught proper kriyas he taught jala douthi to people if you go through the gospel of peace you will see he's giving proper yogic instructions this cannot come anywhere else except kriya yoga proper kriya yoga instructions he's giving in the gospel of peace so if he was all this kind healer why would he give that kind of instructions therapy therapy is different healing is different they are two different dimensions you're taking medicine now you do your pranayama, your disease will go but this is not healing you do the necessary work and you come out of it you take a chemical for that there are many aspects to it with that you get okay taking medicine, giving therapy, teaching you practices to come out of diseases is different healing is different, healing is meddling with life this is not meddling you are helping life nourishing life but not meddling with life. it is a very different aspect For more on Sadhguru visit

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru why he discourages people from doing healing. Sadhguru explains that an ailment in the body or mind arises as an indication of a deeper problem. If you erase the indicator it will find expression in some other way. (SaO92)

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