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Insights into Participatory Video

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Insights into Participatory Video amplifying Voices connecting worlds inspiring transformation This is a film about the amazing tool Participatory Video ... ... as understood and practiced by Insight Share. Insight has over fifteen years of experience in using Participatory Video ... ... to enable modern life people to tell their own stories in their own words. I would like to mention that this film was made by us, Batwa. I'm happy to say that nobody else made this film. Well brother, I felt very excited ... ... because we had never held a camera before. I have benefitted from this participatory video project a lot. We would only marvel at reporters, or at people carrying a camera. But now we know how these things are done. The process At the start of each project, participants learn the basics and build confidence through games and exercises. Facilitators then help the groups to identify and analyse important issues in their communities. The participants then plan and shoot their film. I'll speak about shepherd's problems. I've been a shepherd all my life! We used drawings and cartoons to learn the film techniques. And we were taught how to plan to tell our story ... ... through what is called a 'Storyboard'. Footage is always screened back and helps create a dynamic process of learning and exchange within the community. The video shows the different families and how they live here. It shows reality, life as it really is here. Participatory Video enables people to express their achievements and aspirations. Finished films could be shown to a wide variety of audiences ... ... ranging from national government to ones own neighbours. The product: Five examples form different parts of the world 1. Qinghai, China: Nomads to Ecologists Science is so broad there are animal husbandry experts, ... ... meteorologists, geographers, and many other fields. Also economists. They should all come to study the local situation themselves, ... ... look at he problems, list them, and find ideas and solutions. 2. Malawi: People living with HIV/AIDS to their Neighbours This is my wife. We both had our blood tested. Since then we've been living happily without squabbles. So if any of you are hiding your status ... ... you are waiting your time. Just look at us! We're not worried about it anymore! We live happily. 3. Peru: Kamayoq Farmers to Other Small Scale Producers To avoid plagues such as 'caracasaca' or 'piquipiqui' ... I protect potatoes with ash. The offspring of the caracasaca eats the potatoe. The offspring of the piquipiqui eats the leaf. 4. Gateshead, UK: Estate Residents to Local Government We hope to have all rooms knocked into one, so we can have more people come to the area... ... and have youth clubs and different events going on in the area and get more people involved. And it would take a lot of the children off the streets and probably stop ... ... a lot of children vandalising the area as well if we have got a lot more things for them to do. 5. Andhra Pradesh, India: Adhivast Farmers to Each Other Your family is starving and all you can do is drink arak! My husband drinks. Everyday he beats me and abuses me. It's very difficult to run my family. We have two sons. The total responsibility is on my shoulders. I drink and then sleep at home in the day. So I'm telling you people: don't drink. If I stop I can support my family better. Also, I can join my wife ... ... and find some work. Together we can improve ... ... the situation for our family. So I'm requesting all of you to please stop drinking.

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Posted by: insight on Jul 7, 2010

This is a video about the amazing tool of participatory video, as practiced by InsightShare ( This introductory video features examples from InsightShare projects in Nigeria, Peru, Malawi, India, Rwanda, UK, Uganda, China, South Africa and Ghana.

'Insights into Participatory Video' is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about participatory video and how InsightShare has used this method to enable various groups and communities to tell their own stories in their own words. It describes the basic participatory video process, the decision-making stages, community-based screenings and using the resulting video messages as advocacy tools for a variety of audiences.

For more information about participatory video, see

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